🧑‍💻Day 56-58| R2 of #100DaysofCode
Almost done with my Helathcare project, I have finally completed the dashboard section's layout and it's functionality.
Fixing small bugs and optimizing the frontend a bit and it should be completely done and be live by tomorrow.
🧑‍💻Day 54-55| R2 of #100DaysofCode
Continued with the Project:
~Added tables for Glucose & BP levels using react-tables & added conditional formatting for cells that crosses a limit value
~Also added visual charts for the same, I am still fixing the dashboard layout
🧑‍💻Day 52-53| R2 of #100DaysofCode:
~I have finally made my project responsive. Still need to work on the dashboard page
~Also I have made all the update forms functioning & I would probably complete it by the next weeknd

📂Github Repo :…

🧑‍💻Day 50-51| R2 of #100DaysofCode:
Project Update:
~Started working on the functioning part of the dashboard page, added a sidebar for update forms and a calendar.
~Added update forms for different fields, need to complete their functionality
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🧑‍💻Day 48-49| R2 of #100DaysofCode:
Project Update:
~Added a one time form for a new user that takes patients data and then uses that to display it in a dashboard
~Started working on the dashboard component, have built the basic layout so far
🧑‍💻Day 47| R2 of #100DaysofCode:
Healthcare Project Update:
I have added a new UI for the doctors list and added a search-bar and a skeleton loader. Now will move on to the last part of the project that is the Dashboard page
👨‍💻Day 44| R2 of #100DaysofCode:
Had a productive day today:-
-Completed the Disease Predictor window of my healthcare project including the styling, functionality and responsiveness.

📂Track my progress here -…

👨‍💻Day 43| R2 of #100DaysofCode:
Resumed working on my healthcare project:
- Almost done with the disease predictor window, need to destructure the response to display it in the webpage and also fixed a lot of bugs today

📂GitHub Repo :-…

👨‍💻Day 38| R2 of #100DaysofCode:
~Completed Context in React via
~Learnt about Switches, Routes and Paths in React via @yesdavidgray YT
Also I will be pausing my Healthcare App for two weeks as I have college exams approaching
#learninpublic #buildinpublic
👨‍💻Day 37| R2 of #100DaysofCode:
Continued with React
~Started with basics of React Router and Routing via @yesdavidgray YT
~ Learnt about context in react via

#buildinpublic #LearnInPublic #React
👨‍💻Day 36| R2 of #100DaysofCode:
~Worked on my project , added a symptom search option.
~ Also added an Array logic as to how the selected symptoms will pass to the disease predictor & also made some minor changes.

📁 GitHub Repo :

💻Day 22,23| R2 of #100DaysofCode:
-Continued with fetching and CRUD operations in ReactJS via @yesdavidgray YT.
Need a day or two more to complete this topic and will then move on to React Router.
#learninpublic #buildinpublic #react
📷Day 14-21| R2 of #100DaysofCode:
Haven't tweeted in the past week due to some reasons
- Leared about Reducer and Context in React
- Also learned about CRUD operations
- Also started working on the frontend part of a Disease Prediction app
#learninpublic #buildinpublic #react
💻Day 12 -14| R2 of #100DaysofCode:
-Started with reducer in react via
-Solved 2 leetcode problem :- Reverse of an Integer and No. of 1 bit

#learninpublic #buildinpublic #reactjs #react
💻Day 11 | R2 of #100DaysofCode:
- Learned about the "useEffect" hook in React and also learned about JSON server via @yesdavidgray YT and

#learninpublic #buildinpublic #reactjs #react
Day 2 | R2 #100DaysofCode:
~Almost done with my grocery list app, just need to fix the UI and make the design responsive
~Learned about passing state as props and controlled components in React

#learninpublic #buildinpublic #ReactJS
🔥Day 2 | R2 #100DaysofCode:
~Almost done with the functionality of my grocery list app, just need to fix the UI and make it reponsive.
~Learnt about passing state as props and controlled components in React
#learninpublic #buildinpublic #ReactJS
I am going for Round 2 of #100DaysOfCode🥳
Day 1
~I have been learning ReactJS for the last few days from and have done upto state changes
~Also started building a Grocery list app that works similiar to a To-Do List
#learninpublic #buildinpublic #ReactJS
🧑‍💻Day 97 of #100DaysofCode:
~Added a dropdown menu using JavaScript for shorter layouts. Would require 2-3 days more to complete my portfolio.
#learninpublic #buildinpublic
🧑‍💻Day 96 of #100DaysofCode:
~Made the layout completely responsive, changed some display properties and typography for shorter layouts. Added some more transitions.
~Done with CSS and @tailwindcss, will start with the JS part from tomorrow.
#learninpublic #buildinpublic