Hey, you! Yes, you. I need your opinion on this piece of copy I wrote for my latest product.

What do you think about it, what would you change, what would you keep.

Rate it on a scale from 4 to 9 now


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Do you want to help me #buildinpublic ? I want you to give me feedback on my work-in-progress store.


Please review and tell me what you think and what do I need to add/fix ASAP
I've built some basic flows in Zapier, so when a user signs up from my consulting page - they get added to a Notion Database, and I get a text…

#buildinpublic Watch me building a packaging for the new Notion Template I am working on.

You can see how I use as a one-stop solution for a lot of brainstorming ideas.…
Day 7 #buildinpublic

Today I worked on a my bulk-mockup/image generation for in Figma!

I want to pass a few screenshots and a few text lines to a tool that will automatically create 100+ beautiful images.

Combine it with post schedule automation and we'll be golden, babies
Day 6 #buildinpublic

How it started:
"I'm gonna do 7 tools for real estate"

How it's going:
"Lemme write a 4000 word piece on benefits and advantages of AI Copywriting"

Congratulations, ADHD, you win this one
Day #5 #buildinpublic

I needed a blog writing tool, so I've created one

Introducing "BLOG PARAGRAPHS" for

You give it a header - it spits out a paragraph of text. Up to 10 variants, in fact.
Day 4 #buildinpublic challenge. Today I took a break from Notion and focused on writing SEO-perfect long-form landing page for iManage!

Will be published soon
As the most lazy person I've met - the only thing I truly invest in these days is AI

Let's bring up the marketing and SEO game!

To summarize:

1. Person signs up to my email list (with free lead gen)
2. New subscriber receives 7 emails over the course of 2 weeks with free lessons
3. Email #8 will be a sale of iManage!
4. ???

#buildinpublic Day 1 #imanagerealestate #notion #EmailMarketing
It's 5:04 AM and the music will start blasting off in just a few minutes.

Let's go?

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Give me your best #buildinpublic tip so I don't fail immediately
🀑 Major #buildinpublic announcement:

You'll see me building @NotionHQ templates for real estate investing community.

Details πŸ‘‡