Week 9: Got all designs back. Now time to finish website and put up for initial feedback/iteration. Also need to get blog going. #buildinpublic
Week 8: I realized I was letting perfection getting the best of me so I decided on designs and then sent them to the designer to build in @figmadesign fully knowing I will probably look back in 5 years and hate them 🤷🏼‍♀️#buildinpublic
Week 6: haven’t been able to get much done this week due to other work priorities. Need to delegate better and automate where I can. #buildinpublic #delegate
Week 5: figured out the website template and started to build more cheat sheets. Now time to make design decisions #buildinpublic
Week 3: I have picked brand colors and hired a designer (fantastic guy from Venezuela, who I have worked with before) #buildinpublic #mathcheatsheets
Week 2: wrote 1st draft of all copy for each page and came up with my first 10 blog posts I will write. #buildinpublic