Day 87 of #100DaysOfCode w/ @LearnWeb3DAO

- learned about Traceable Vs. Intractable, Optimization Vs. Decision Problems and Deterministic Vs. Nondeterministic problems

- Learned about P, NP, NP-hard, and NP-Complete problems

#100DaysofCodeLW3 #buildinpublic
Day 86 of #100DaysOfCode w/ @LearnWeb3DAO

- Learned about Scapegoat trees
- also learned about tries data structure
- different types of tries like - Binary Tries, X-fast Tries, and Y-fast Tries

#100DaysofCodeLW3 #buildinpublic
Day 85 of #100DaysOfCode w/ @LearnWeb3DAO

- Learned about string-matching algorithms
- for example - Naive Algorithm, Rabin Karp Algorithm, and Knuth-Morris-Pratt Algorithm

#100DaysofCodeLW3 #buildinpublic
Day 84 of #100DaysOfCode w/ @LearnWeb3DAO

- Learned about Hashing
- different types of collision resolutions like - Separate chaining, linear and quadratic probing, and double hashing
- also learned about load factor and Rehashing

#100DaysofCodeLW3 #buildinpublic
Day 83 of #100DaysOfCode w/ @LearnWeb3DAO

- Learn about Linear and Binary Search
- learn about sorting algorithms like - Insertion sort, Bubble sort, quick sort, merge sort, and heap sort

#100DaysofCodeLW3 #buildinpublic
Day 82 of #100DaysOfCode w/ @LearnWeb3DAO

- Learned about graphs
- Shortest path algorithms like Dijkstra's, Floyd Marshall
- also learn about Minimum cost spanning tress, like Kruskal and Prim algorithm
- Learned about BFS and DFS

#100DaysofCodeLW3 #buildinpublic
Day 81 of #100DaysOfCode w/ @LearnWeb3DAO

- Learned about Advanced Trees Data Structures
- AVL Trees, B-Trees, Splay Trees, and Red-Black Trees, and how to insert and delete operations in them.

#100DaysofCodeLW3 #buildinpublic
Day 80 of #100DaysOfCode w/ @LearnWeb3DAO

- Learned about Tree Data Structure
- also how to implement Binary Search tree using Linked List and Arrays

#100DaysofCodeLW3 #buildinpublic
Day 79 of #100DaysOfCode w/ @LearnWeb3DAO

- Learned about Queues Data Structure
- Also Learned about different types of Queues and how to implement them using Arrays and Linked Lists in C language

#100DaysofCodedLW3 #buildinpublic
Day 78 of #100DaysOfCode w/ @LearnWeb3DAO

- Learn about how strings work in C and the different string functions available in C
- Learned about Stack Data Structure
- also how to implement Stack using Arrays and Linked Lists

#100DaysofCodeLW3 #buildinpublic
Day 77 of #100DaysOfCode w/ @LearnWeb3DAO

- Learn about Linked Lists
- Singly Linked List, Doubly Linked List, and Circular Linked List and the difference between them.

#100DaysofCodeLW3 #buildinpublic
I have 24 days to complete #100DaysOfCode w/ @LearnWeb3DAO

But I have exams and I have to cover everything so I might not continue for some days. or might do somedays and somedays not.

#100DaysofCodeLW3 #buildinpublic
Day 76 of #100DaysOfCode w/ @LearnWeb3DAO

- After 2 days of struggle finally manage to deploy my backed on

#100DaysofCodeLW3 #buildinpublic
Day 75 of #100DaysOfCode w/ @LearnWeb3DAO

- Designed a delete post button
- tried to host MERN app on vercel but failed.
- Learn about how to delete commits in git

#100DaysofCodeLW3 #buildinpublic
Day 74 of #100DaysOfCode w/ @LearnWeb3DAO

- Fixed the edit page issue
- Create a new endpoint for deleting a post
- also create a route for deletion of the post

#100DaysofCodeLW3 #buildinpublic
Day 73 of #100DaysOfCode w/ @LearnWeb3DAO

- Created an Edit Post page to update the blog
- Fix the image not found issue

#100DaysofCodeLW3 #buildinpublic
Day 72 of #100DaysOfCode w/ @LearnWeb3DAO

- Continue working on blog mern app
- Displayed posts from databases
- Started creating a single post page

#100DaysofCodeLW3 #buildinpublic
Day 71 of #100DaysOfCode w/ @LearnWeb3DAO

- Created a PostSchema and Model
- Created and implement a new route related to creating a new post.

#100DaysofCodeLW3 #buildinpublic
Day 70 of #100DaysOfCode w/ @LearnWeb3DAO

- Added context and Login and Register pages to my MERN blog app.
- implemented react-quill to get the rich text editor inside the browser.

#100DaysofCodeLW3 #buildinpublic
Day 69 of #100DaysofCode w/ @LearnWeb3DAO

- learned how to use typescript with node and express.
- continue working on my MERN blog app.

#100DaysofCodeLW3 #buildinpublic