i'm in #Rio now - super exited. and super hot

love working for #web3 so I get to travel, meet amazing people of #web3community and create helpful projects that facilitate adoption of new technologies

what a time and place to be alive and building businesses!

what sound exites you the most as a #founder?

mine is the sound of linkedin message 🤩

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high time for #deep quotes:

your product should be undeniably good. no marketing effort or social media buzzword can be a substitute for that

and that's so true! product led growth is a steady source. marketing leg growth is cool but lacking

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should web3 projects invest in a meme maker?

yes, probably

it's the person who speaks the language of the youth, making community growth so much easier

go invest in a gen z marketer for your #startup!
p.s. look, i retweeted of of the memes

in addition to previous tweets, I've found out that gen z marketing is a whole trend and that there're whole agencies branding like that

actually, this makes sense. #buildinpublic founders need to cater their audiences, that are most of the times zillenial/gen z
and got organic mentions

well, sometimes just a quick retrospective is the best way to feel better 💪

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conference #networking 101 pt7

prepare the collateral 📰

do you need paper business cards or digital ones, maybe some other printed stuff

design properly - catching an eye is super important

and don't hesitate to hand them out - that's exactly their purpose 🤝

conference #networking 101 pt6

define your target audience (visitors of the conference)

it will allow not to spread around trying to talk with everyone - you need some pin points to do

refine who was there last year, who's coming - reach out+secure meetings 🤝

conference #networking 101 pt5

research the venue

examine the floor plan, find interesting booths and stages, figure out where the cafeteria/networking space is
maybe even examine the whole street - some negotiations are not for the conference

how to make sure your customer understands you and your product?

well, improve your messaging
tone of voice
omit niche specific words
talk as easy and understandably as you possibly can
pay attention
ask the right questions

and shall the success be with you 🚀

don't be afraid to mess up❤️

we all humans and we all fail sometimes.finding the ability to correct the mistake,get back up and back on track - that's what really important

you can do this.maybe not on the first try but later

practice makes perfect 💪

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try and talk with EVERYONE you meet online and offline during you #buildinpublic journey

you never know who it's gonna be. maybe, you'll randomly find a raving fan 🤩

exactly this happened to me the other day:
commented on a tweet ->DMs ->some q&a ->personal touch ->promoter😎
look when you start tweeting about #sales to make yourself appear professional 😂

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i've created a list of resources to get inspired for a pitch 🚀

- @BusinessInsider…
- @angel_match
- @Pitch

inspire and create! let the on-point creativity be with you 🤩

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it's been a productive weekend

✔️ rested a lot
✔️ did some planning for @UnikaNetwork
✔️ exercised

how do you spend your weekends to feel most ready for the week?

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one of the problems i have #SellingFounder is

🥲 going on calls 🥲

when it's been like 6 on my daily to-do list
i'm always happy to network but sometimes it's just too much

what's the largest number of call did you have?
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feeling #deep again
so the quote that made me think today is this one 👇

Work Hard in Silence, Let Success Make The Noise!

what's your fav inspirational quote?
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being a #web3 founder during the #crypto winter is hard 🥲


well, lemme tell ya ✍️

- less funds/VCs open to investing
- less people wanting to engage in crypto
- more prejudice
- more competitors in the same market segments

how would you approach those? 👀 #buildinpublic
so christmas is almost over - time for analysis and plans 🤩

what's your 2022 best achievement?

what are your plans for 2023?

- such a unique idea for @UnikaNetwork that product-market fit is hard to find
- making @UnikaNetwork a profitable business

#buildinpublic requires result tracking ✍️

acknowledging your achievements (and fails) is essential for planning and building a strategy

and it's also great for your employees - openness about their results is cool 😎

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