A little more work today on the @qabuddyapp marketing page. It's getting there...slowly.

#buildinpublic #rubyonrails #tailwindcss
Spent some time this evening working on @qabuddyapp's landing page.

Far from finished, but headed in the right direction.

#buildinpublic #rubyonrails
Working on @qabuddyapp's Issue Tracking today.

Starting with a choice of:
1. Internal tracking (screenshot)
2. Forward issue via email to external tool (ex. @helpscout, @asana)
3. @zapier zaps to generate issues (ex. @github, @Jira)

Saving direct #api for later.

Father's day and nephew's first birthday so not much #buildinpublic progress on @qabuddy last weekend.

I did get a bit of form work done. Slider is a #rubyonrails range field and 3 lines of code in a #stimulusjs controller.

Way cleaner than writing sliders with #jQuery!
Moved @qabuddyapp over to @render and stuck it behind its domain (

Worked on hooking up paper_trail last night to get version histories for my ActionText fields. Displaying history info as a recent activity dashboard feed.

#rubyonrails #buildinpublic
Taking inspiration from @joemasilotti and other to go the #buildinpublic route with @qabuddyapp.

Domain purchased. Working currently on the interface for writing #software Test Plans and outputting a print-friendly (for the oldschool folks) report. Build being uploaded tonight.