My SaaS marketing plan is simple

In a few weeks from now,

I'm going to open 10 slots for beta users to use my SaaS for FREE

Will try the power of communities first

Will cold outreach on LinkedIn (using my SaaS LOL)

All I need is 10 beta users to start PMF

After I a lot of headaches I figured out how Chrome extensions are working

And how to get the desired result I wanted

I need to stop crying and understand learning takes time and it's part of the process

Stage 1 of my cold outreach app looks closer than ever

Turns out you can use Angular on content scripts of Chrome extensions

It's a bit hacky but I found a good article

I was worried I had to do everything vanilla JS haha

Will see how it goes:)

Pretty disappointed by the progress I made today

Takes me a lot of time to figure out how to build this Chrome extension

But I guess my SaaS is better than yesterday so...

My SaaS product doesnt have to be perfect...

just good enough to go to market as fast as possible

so I can twick it based on first users feedback and get to $10K

A year ago, It wasn't even in my reality to build a software product

Now it seems possible more than ever before

Currently, my cold outreach SaaS allows me to build leads lists directly from LinkedIn

Without using XL sheets which wasted me so much time while cold outreaching

Features on the way:

Finding and verifying emails for each lead with 1-click

My cold outreach SaaS isn't perfect but my first user (me) is saving time while using it

I'd not pay for this piece of shit yet LOL

As an employee, when you develop new features you take your time LOL

As a solo dev working on your side project, you stress yourself to finish features as fast as possible

Neither is better, need to find the balance

If there is one thing I'm good at is GRINDING...

I was never the smartest student but I grinded after school and surpassed people who are smarter

I'm not the best entrepreneur but I'll grind this shit until it works

I feel like the most important thing with SaaS is to iterate and ship a product as fast as possible

I feel kind of slow since I use JAVA LOL

When you both build and design your product you're blind to your emotions #buildinpublic
The truth is I have no f***ing idea how I'm going to finish this SaaS... I just make tiny progress everyday and let the time do it's thing #buildinpublic
Designing a SaaS product isn't easy

Before coding, build a temp solution with no-code

To see how it feels, make improvements as you use the app yourself

And only then start coding

Wasted too much time on this

Are you trying to build a biz or improve your tech skills?

How to build a software product in 4 days 😲

@yontzzi Lol, this is the timeline:
Tweeted about a concept 9/9
Built it that night 9/10
Posted it first on Saturday 9/11
Was reposted yesterday 9/15

Took me ~4 hours to build + 4 more hours to refine and we are now consistently iterating and updating based on feedback
Some days you think you figured everything out

Some days you think you know nothing

Take daily action and share it online, the right people would eventually find you or you find them