2. Niche communities

It's easier to stand out in smaller pools.

1. Find 1-3 active hashtags that don't look like spam:
2. Use them daily on your tweets
3. Get inspired by well-performing tweets
4. Stick only to hashtags that get results

Ex: #buildinpublic #100DaysOfCode
@siltycaver Can use it in the beginning but make sure it's quality like #buildinpublic

Also, the strategy in this thread is about sending DMs and less about content
My new viral outreach feature is out!

Find niche viral post with your customers
Create qualified list with advanced filters
Reach out and get demos

All in less than 5 min

Focus on making money not making your MVP perfect

You will be restricted from LinkedIn if you open 30+ profiles directly from a URL

So I built a way to open profiles as if it was opened within LinkedIn

That way LinkedIn is less likely to flag me

Testing it this week to see if they notice:)

#marketing #startup #buildinpublic
If you cold outreach 5 people a day for 6 months you're going to sign new customers...

It isn't rocket science

most people quit after a few weeks

When I do cold outreach to promote my saas, I write multiple scripts for multiple target audiences to have multiple campaigns

If one fails I still have a few more angles to try

It keeps the optimism going and more importantly taking the daily action

Stage 1 of my saas app is going to be done in 3-4 weeks

This is the time to sign beta users

Starting this week I'm sending 5 emails each day

The first goal is to start a convo around the value I'm providing

The message I'm testing this week, feedback:)?

The main purpose of an MVP is to make people pay, not add every feature in the book

When you build a saas app you start having these weird excuses why you need to build that feature instead of doing marketing

#buildinpublic #startup
I recorded this video 10 times, each time I found new bugs LOL

Added this nice skeleton animation today, feels much better, need to smooth the transition a bit more

Added this nice skeleton animation today, feels much better, need to smooth the transition a bit more

Never ever start coding before having a design on Figma your can follow

Saves me tons of time and gives your a clear path

UI/UX skills are what makes users sign up and use your saas

Backend skills are what makes them stay

#buildinpublic #marketing
When you build your MVP start with the front end

1. You can show demos and market your product from day one

2. It will feel real and not just a side project

#startup #buildinpublic
Don't make my mistake, once you have something to share post it online to get feedback

If you go too long without getting feedback you're in danger of building something no one wants

Another day of nice progress, after I solved a problem that wasted me a long time things are flowing smoothly

Did a mistake trying to make Angular work on a Chrome extension

It worked in the end but wasn't worth so now I do plain JS and it's faster

Did awesoooome progress today, starting to see the end of the tunnel

To avoid lack of motivation while building,

I think only about today, tomorrow is a different game to think about