Working on my next video about how to define a social media marketing strategy that will allow you exponentially grow your audience. Until it's ready watch my best video ever which just crossed 100 views in just a few days. #buildinpublic
Thanks for your participation. And the winner is - Social Media Strategy 🀣. Just got a great insight while taking a nap πŸš€. #buildinpublic
Haven't done much marketing today, just my regular client day job. Recharging a bit after several hard days and nights. #buildinpublic
I did 2 videos to validate a niche. The 1st has the advantage of being first. The 2nd has slightly better audio & video. The 1st is less promotional.

So far, the 1st has a conversion rate of 5% vs 3.9% for the second. What does that tell us?! #buildinpublic
Indie founders! Mood swings? Right now I am the king of the world 🀘. I hope it lasts a while until I'm the poor little worm again. #buildinpublic
Page views over the last 6 weeks have gone up a lot. From a very low starting point, but still. #buildinpublic
Ok, after 42 minutes, here's my very first rough draft of a new article "How to gain email subscribers".
Please leave comments and let me know what you think. #buildinpublic…
OK! Enough excuses, time to leave my comfort zone. I am going to start writing a blog article now! Wish me luck!✌️#buildinpublic
Hey #indiemakers! For a newsletter sign-up form, what is a single "view" (Not yet sign up) of the form for you? #buildinpublic
Done with my SaaS app walk through. Roughly 75 minutes of recording and now I somehow need to merge them into one large combined recording but this freezes my computer! Not easy 😩. #buildinpublic
Almost done with my app walk through videos. 6 days at the side to record ~1 hour going over all features of This was great to find & eliminate a few remaining bugs as well as to better get to know the app and its most powerful features #buildinpublic
Worked on my product explainer video today. IMHO really difficult, needs lots of focus and effort. #buildinpublic