Taking a break from sales and marketing. Started coding new features again. Gpt-4 acts as my companion to think through ideas πŸ€—

Connected maildroppa to the digital ocean cloud bucket storage today 🀘

Our Affiliate sales page, is finally live and linked from the Maildroppa home page, including a detailed FAQ page πŸŽ‰

Currently we are working on a new affiliate landing page explaining the program in detail, plus an FAQ page with all possible questions.

Content was created with gpt-4, IMHO really good results. Will share when done.

Atm working hard on finding affiliate partners & backlinks for Maildroppa πŸ€—.

To boost success, I invest time learning about the recipient's company & person – not sure if a VA could handle this.

How do you approach this? What are your experiences? πŸ€”

So I did outreach for a while now.

To be successful you need the right msg to the right ppl. Best tool for Twitter was @Solidinbox but is still lacking a lot Dripify best for LinkedIn.

Twitter got me some results, LinkedIn nothing really.😩

@peter_kow Fotos work generally well.

My coffee pictures work extremely well.

I try a mix of tweets. Pictures with private stuff, food, coffee, successes and failures, "viral tweets", #buildinpublic tweets.

For me recently the problem is often I have no time for Twitter.
Anyone here tried a subscription with buildwith dot com? πŸ€”

Is the crazy monthly fee of $295 😱worth it to retrieve leads?

How do you retrieve lead emails? SalesNavigator?

Anyone knows an affordable managed queue, ideally with a rest interface for my customers to send me messages and a rest interface or SQL or whatever interface for me to load the messages into maildroppa?

Finally, my article on how our affiliate program works is live πŸŽ‰.

The program gives 30% recurring revenue and is fully integrated into our app :)

Just published an article (including a video) on how you can make use of custom fields and tags in Maildroppa.

Really in-depth.

Feedback, please. πŸ™…

Signups on have increased nicely over the last weeks. Whoohooo!

Sales shows a positive effect :)


Any experts on outreach and sales in my network?

Any recommendations on good resources (books, websites, videos, courses) on the topic?

I have a catalog of articles, grouped into
2 categories.

For SEO,
is a folder-based or flat structure better?
If folder based, how many levels?
/catalog/cat1/ linking to

or /cat1.html linking
/article.html (cat1)

In a non-technical context, especially in an email marketing context, what are these brackets called: {{}}?

From coding, I know them as curly braces, but I assume that non-technical people would not understand?

Did anyone else notice that gpt-3's abilitity or willingness to process complex problems goes down?
Published a detailed article about GDPR for startups. Used gpt-3 for brainstorming & assistance in writing the article.

This is probably the most detailed article on the subject available:…

Updated the pricing structure πŸ’° for Maildroppa on PROD last week - 40 levels, all done in one go with no issues & while customers were using the app πŸ“¨

Would've taken weeks at a big company 😴

Being a bootstrapper means going with confidence at lightspeed πŸš€ #buildinpublic
January was my best month on Twitter so far.

I have grown my followers by over 50% - despite the fact that I had 10 days of vacation and wrote 70% fewer tweets.

Writing less, but the right stuff at the right time, as well as one tweet going viral, helped πŸš€