#100Ideas Move your ideas around, place them together
Used interactablejs to achieve this
Toughest feature so far.

Tomorrow it's going to be multi-card select & move

#100Ideas Great ideas should stick together
So does picking & moving them
Hence the multi-selected

Anyone excited to give it a whirl?
Planning for a soft lauch next week

#100Ideas now have a new board view
CSS grid with repeat(auto-fit) is a life saver

Please tag women who #buildinpublic ⬇️

Thanks in advance 🙏
People Building in public should have a dedicated product page just for that.

• How many users/customers
• Roadmap
• Feature development
• Marketing experiments
• MRR, ARR, TAM...

What do you people think?

@philostar Omg you made it!!!!!!!! Congratulations 👏💐. It was super inspiring watching you #buildinpublic
There is literally a feeling in this world that's leaps and bounds better than falling in love.

It's when people trust you and buys your product.