In case you haven't figured it out...

#buildinpublic is foremost a marketing scheme.

Not all the time but most of the time.

Now go figure out how to make it work for you.
Hey #buildinpublic community

Anyone have had success reposting LinkedIn posts to Facebook profile pages via Zapier? Or similar tools.
@wahVinci @viaNotion I'm working on a template that I will be using with viaNotion and sharing how it can benefit #buildinpublic and everyday professionals.
What's @Adobe thinking?

$65 a month for 2TB of cloud storage?

How is that supporting the creatives? I'm glad that I don't rely on Adobe for 99.99% of my workflow.

Content Drive
Week 2 Idea Sharing

Building on efficiency, what most people need in social media is to build a stronger CRM and a highly curated audience.

In 2023, the first app I would build is one that allows me to quickly block and add accounts leveraging AI.

Depression sucks and it messes with your mind.

One way to overcome it is to slam the gas paddle and plow through it.

Whatever happens, is what it is.

Week 1 Idea Sharing.

If I were a #buildinpublic developer, I would focus on efficiency SaaS tools.

The key here is EFFICIENCY.

It's a quick build, with limited scope by design, and fool-proof results.

If you would like more ideas like this, make sure to follow.
@ThePeterMick @tweetai_com Because none of these are real products yet, I would consider it to be MVP at best. And by the nature of #buildinpublic it's easy replication and competition. I'm looking for people that can take it past the initial "validation" and 1 year $9 plan.
Be the kind of coder that thinks with the ideator, because someone has to be doing the selling.

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@twitter didn't need to sell the blue check mark to generate revenue - dumb move.

It could have offered the features that would have come with the paid sticker for $10 a month.

#buildinpublic #startup #founders #entrepreneurs #saas
I'm excited about all the hundreds of startups that are about to be birthed.

This is the difference between tech workers and any other type of skilled worker.

A tech worker can wake up one morning and build a business, all by themselves.

Take note.

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We built a social media posting tool to help CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, and sales-driven professionals keep their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn active and hassle-free.

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Most people can't afford good ghostwriting or tweeting services.

That's one reason why we built our "set it and forget it" social media posting platform.

#buildinpublic #startup #founders #entrepreneurs #saas
For over 20 years, I've been telling software developers they need to build products outside of their primary jobs because for the next few years the world is their oyster.

A few listened.

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Posting on social media is just a part of the marketing program in 2022 and beyond.

#buildinpublic #startup #founders #entrepreneurs #saas
Indie-hackers, in general, tend to jump into the same bloody (red) ocean.

They often miss the entire fresh (blue) ocean of opportunities.

One problem is they don't understand the greater opportunity and its customers.

#buildinpublic #startup #founders #entrepreneurs #saas
This is my version of #buildinpublic

First time talking about one of our new ventures, Content Drive.

I know it’s a long form, especially on Twitter, but align well with our love for #podcasting.

I would much appreciate you give it a listen and share your thoughts with me.
As much as I love #buildinpublic, I feel obligated to protect certain strategies, insights, etc. for each partner and venture.
One thing that I've noticed in the #buildinpublic community is the lack of conversation on LTV and pricing strategy.

What's everyone's logic on this topic?