Anyone have any success stories of using SMS for marketing?

Transactional SMS (i.e., notifications, confirmations, etc.) makes sense to me but having trouble finding value in SMS marketing messages.

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Anyone using Zapier?

While @TarventInc has supported Zapier for a while, we just launched an integrated Zapier editor within Tarvent so you can manage your Tarvent zaps directly in our app.

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Anyone else find it hard to balance perfect code with getting the job done?

Personally, I choose scalability/stability and 90% optimization.

The last 10% takes too much time and no extra money in the bank.

Code is awesome but sales are better!

Do you prefer blogs or vlogs/short/reel/video?

Which do you feel gets the more engagement?

More importantly, which provides you the best value as the customer?

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Data migration on the cheap is no fun but moving clients to our new system is beyond awesome!

Any suggestions and good but inexpensive migration tools? I can't find anything cheap for migrating data between disconnected SQL Servers. C# console app to the rescue!

Looking for some unique features to add to our marketing automation platform. Anything you wish your current platform supported?

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I'm thinking of adding specific features to our marketing automation platform geared towards tight integration with product launch apps like Product Hunt to allow automatons based on reviews. What do you guys think? Sounds interesting?

Anyone have a preference to using Zapier or Make for app integrations?

@TarventInc has amazing integration with Zapier and soon to have Make integration in the next week or two.

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What is your best email marketing tip?

Mine: Be consistent and always personalize every communication you send.

Bonus tip: Use automations whenever possible to lessen the work you need to do and maximize the time/money you spend on marketing.

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Do anyone else feel like the smarter you get, the dumber you feel?

Anyone regret not doing much work over the weekend?

Work/life balance is good but tough with a startup.

Time to produce 3 days of work in 1 day. Thank goodness there is 24 hours in a day.

Another day, another revised list of things to get done.

I do cardio/lift 6+ days a week. It helps me control stress, feel better about myself, and mentally create my task list for the day.

Do you find working out a great way to plan your day?

Another day, another 500 tasks to get done yesterday! Luckily, my local networking groups seem to really like what @TarventInc has to offer.

Time for some new accounts!

Oh, and time to get my 500 tasks done. Only 499 left at 2:54pm.

Are you feeling my pain?

I am greatful for a desk job k. Days like today. Work/life balance is good but leg day is brutal! I still got 16k steps from pacing while on the phone, all with the perfect form of a 90 year old man after a rough life. The toilet seat is so far too fall.

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@nikpolale Building is better, marketing and building is best. I 100% agree that building in public should be more about "results in public".

A story about what you've done vs what you plan to do is much better. Helps separate doers from dreamers!

OMG! I need to get more followers! Any ideas?

Talking to myself can only last for so long before I start answering back!

I'd love some feedback on the first @TarventInc overview video. It's a little longer than I wanted but it's a very large application with a ton of features, starting at only $7/mo. for an email marketing platform with exceptional support.

Our first ever quick overview video of @TarventInc. The goal is to show what the platform looks like, not to provide any sort of training.

I appreciate any feedback.

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Well, today was a first. @TarventInc is being asked to send 2 million legitimate email a day for a new client. Our servers, on a good day, sent 1 million per hour, whew! Luckily, I know our systems can handle it. Amen to performance testing!

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