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╬═╬ Landing from Thinking to building AI Project
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Ai Writer Update

Working on the landing page, Which one do you like?

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This a writing assistance using chatGPT

Ai Writer Update

User authentication is Complete and will be ready for the Beta tester soon

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This is Our 4th SaaS Product

❌ 1. Tailwind page Builder (Afraid to be Public)
❌ 2. Link Engagement Tool (Same 🥲)
❌ 3. Booking & Listing Directory (Same )

Now working on this one, do you want me to make it open for the public beta, Need your suggestions and inspiration🙂
This month's Sales so far from one Market Place 🔥

You can still earn money selling Templates and Code

AiWriter Update :

✅Setup react-table
✅Complete document preview and user profile page
✅Document Add, edit and delete features
✅Add some svg icons and convert them to react components
✅Make a drop won input component

Going to start AI Journey and dont want to miss the GOLD rush

Ai Will help you to more addicted to writing

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Got 2 sales for our New NFT Template made with tailwind CSS

Demo :

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We are experimenting @envato market by increasing the Price and yet we are getting sales

Focus on making something that really matters

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We are working on this Litle Project for the last few months and now it's almost ready for BETA testing, if you are interested Comment 🔥

03 Days of @figmaforvuetify #buildinpublic

✅ Product Landing Page

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Days 01 of @figmaforvuetify #buildinpublic

✅ SaaS Landing page for Payment App
Celebrating (10101101100111)2 sales for @uilibofficial via @envato 🥳

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Just Update the Vue 3 & Tailwind Css Admin Dashboard With

✅ Tailwind CSS 3
✅ Vite 3
✅ Dark Mode
✅ Speed Optimized
✅ And many more

#buildinpublic #admindashboard #template
October is really bad so far in terms of sales 😴

But Today is great day so far 😊 We get 3 sales today @gumroad via @uilibofficial 😇

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@figmaforvuetify Just get 4 Sales 🥳

Figtify is a figma Design System & UiKits with Prebuilt Pages and Admin Dashboard for Vuetify

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NAW - NFT Landing Page Template V2 Preview

✅ Design in Figma Complete
✅ Code Complete for 2 landing page

#NFT #buildinpublic