Recently added checks:

1. Google Map Embeds - Do they work (pending developer watermark, still need to figure that out)
2. YouTube videos for "Private"
3. "Lorem ipsum" place holder text (todays tweak)

Got an idea? Let me know.
A productive evening ends with a proof of concept @wpdatatables chart which is being fed data from my earlier JSON feed.

I am happy, and somewhat nervous to say that Site Assistant has now reached V1 and is open for others #WordPress site owners to try out for free.

Pop over to and enter name, email, WordPress URL. After 30 mins you should get your results. #buildinpublic
"Our Web Site Checker" is the new (less technical) name for Web Speed Cache Crawler. The service will still be available separately from @OurWebHostingUk plans. Updated site will be coming soon.

In other news, work continues this week to identify orphaned pages. #buildinpublic
Fingers crossed, we are now feature complete for our early Jan initial release.

Orphaned pages found via the sitemap are now crawled and tagged - Your landing pages deserve attention too.
Email content tweaked to match correct names.

#buildinpublic #JustShipIt
Have you ever let your site's SSL certificate expire while on holiday? How did you explain that to your client / family?

We now check your expiry date during each crawl so you won't get that nasty surprise (other than xmas socks). #GotYouCovered #HappyHolidays #buildinpublic
The log email now includes the duration of the crawl and the amount of content checked (pages, images and downloads). We have also been tweaking the logic for cached content percentage.

Next up is to review 301 directs. Should they be excluded to reach 100%.
You can now keep an eye on the bandwidth used per crawl.

Pages = Downloaded in full to find page links.
Images / CSS / JavaScript = HTTP Header information only, reducing bandwidth used and keeping it speedy.

We are doing our best to be a polite #webcrawler.
We have taken the first step to begin our #buildinpublic for our new #saas hosted in #azure which will be arriving Q1 '22.