Added a counter that shows the number of displayed keywords. This feature will soon cooperate with another; constructing searches with multiple queries.

The OSINT/OPSEC tool that I'm building is progressing nicely and should be ready for public use in a month.

There is something special about coding with JavaScript at three in the morning. All of the worldly distractions are quieted, and my thinking is more open-ended.

I'm able to get done in a couple of hours, what would otherwise take me five+ hours during the day.

To begin today's #buildinpublic JavaScript development work, I found and resolved a bug within my OSINT/OPSEC search optimization tool.

By adding the trim() method, newly submitted keywords are assured proper alphabetical placement on the main interface when the page is loaded.
Today's #buildinpublic development work features the JavaScript logic for creating a search bar and filtering effect. Users of my OSINT/OPSEC search optimization tool can now more easily manage keywords lists in the thousands of entries. CSS FTW.

#100DaysOfCode #buildinginpublic
Last night's JavaScript development on my OSINT/OPSEC search tool focused on the sort order of keywords, after being received from the JSON API.

Used the trim() method to cut out unneeded blank spaces.

#buildinpublic #100daysofcode
Tonight I upgraded my OSINT/OPSEC keyword search optimization tool, to include a "Search All" button.

When pressed, a @Google search is performed for all of my keywords, at the same time.

This saves me so much time. Google dorking for the win.

#buildinpublic #100daysofcode
For tonight's JavaScript development, I'm working on an experimental string library. Which is a collection of new, original methods put onto the string prototype.

It's a lot of fun to expand the methods natively available for a specific data type.

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By clicking on any of the social media platform links the user is taken to a time-based search results page for that specific keyword.

Here are the results for "JavaScript" on @Reddit, @YouTube, @Google and @Twitter for the past twenty four hours.

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This evening's JavaScript development focused on moving platform labels to more appropriate positions, and adding a border to the keyword input popup.

My OSINT/OPSEC search optimization tool is ready for use. So I'd like to overview what to expect.

#buildinpublic #100DaysOfCode
Tonight I made the input popup wider, and added extra padding to the top and bottom. Also moved the platform labels down a bit, for more precise positioning.

There are many more features I could add. But most development work here is slowing down.

#100DaysOfCode #buildinpublic
I use my OSINT/OPSEC search optimization tool everyday. Focusing on keywords that I'm interested in staying up-to-date about, for various reasons.

Moving forward, I will be publicly sharing the journey this software takes. From side project, to wherever it goes.

Made UI changes to my OSINT/OPSEC search optimization tool. Attempting to condense the space keywords take up on the screen. While presenting as much info as possible.

Future features include a counter, showing how many times a keyword has been searched for.

I decided that, despite the risks for abuse and misuse, my OSINT/OPSEC tool should be used and improved by other Developers. It deserves to see the light of day, giving others the same agency I enjoy.

At the moment it's only 300 lines of JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

I'm releasing my time-based search optimization tool on @github.

Keywords are stored in local storage as JSON; auto-populating when the program opens. Each keyword is linked to results on @Reddit, @Twitter, @Google and @YouTube. Keywords can be added and deleted.

I could turn this project into a SaaS offering, but it seems like a risky idea. Where any potential abuse, could get a single domain blocked from accessing the platforms altogether.

But making the JavaScript open-source, seems to be even more dangerous.

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@zerocodercom In terms of the measures I've put in place to prevent abuse; I haven't developed some features based on this fear. IOW, I nerfed the MVP to prevent misuse.

And that is a great idea. I know just the community to reach out to for this.

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I use the tool everyday. My fear is that it'll be abused.

Should I make my OSINT/OPSEC tool FOSS? Or should I keep it private and not share the software?

I would love to see how other Developers might contribute. It lives in a private repo on GitHub.

#buildinpublic #javascript
I've built an OSINT/OPSEC tool that stores and optimizes time-based keyword searches on the @Google, @YouTube, @Twitter and @Reddit platforms. But I'm uncertain if it is wise to make the code public and open-source.

The tool consists of a single JavaScript file.

I am strongly considering restarting the #100DaysOfCode challenge, while joining the #buildinpublic crowd as well. Both seem like a good fit.

I'd like to build a few personal #reactjs apps that have been stewing in the back of my mind for quite some time. Time to get busy!