One upside when you're starting your business: Growth numbers (@Mailchimp) are _usually_ quite big. STOKED! But I can already tell, the project start will be delayed. (a bit) :/ #wagmi! for more!
Thx @BowTiedBull for the encouragement!
Working on goes much slower than anticipated. Mostly because I spend too much time looking at illiquid jpegs instead of building the website with @bubble 🙈
But I'll get there. (Soon TM)

#buildinpublic #NFT #NFTCommunity
And I barely dropped a hint on twitter so far. I've mentioned this account in like two tweets. Looks like there's some real interest in more #nft related projects.

I'll be releasing more information about the site in a few days. #buildinpublic #NoCode #pfp