Can you build a Trello board with @bubble ?

Already hundreds of people getting their answers about our listed tools!

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Build your own iOS shortcut with OpenAI Whisper without code & for FREE!

Comment below and I'll send you the tuto + shortcut link! ⚑️ #buildinpublic
When Founders use their own money. #buildinpublic be like
Ok, the first ad is ready to launch! πŸš€
Testing it in organic on Tiktok first right now.
& Yes. This ad is specific to GenZ
To all builders out there, it's hard to shake that feeling. #buildinpublic
πŸš€15 Days since launch
✨ Kind messages shared across 72 countries
πŸ™ #buildinpublic
😱 Reached Google signing rate limits right before to board… Users messaging me they couldn't signing!!

Just managed to remove Sign-up entirely for now, til I fix it. Thanks god for wifi in airplanes. #buildinpublic
2 weeks ago I launched as a fun idea yet w a powerful message: AI can make a positive impact on the 🌎.

πŸš€ 14 days Later. Thrilled to launch the BETA version.

Let's spread kindness together, one message at a time between us humans! πŸ‘½βœ¨

What's clearer? Toggle to change features based on using platform for your personal life vs Pro. Open to suggestions. #buildinpublic
Launched BeKindBuddy's Tiktok last night. ⚑️
Now gotta grind those videos. #buildinpublic
Made some updates on BeKindBuddy. Prio list is almost done. Still working on improving the outputs #buildinpublic
When your friends keep sending you "Why the cat???"
You know you got to get rid of your Stable Diffusion cat image and make something coherent. Maybe. #MVP #buildinpublic
🀯 @bekindbuddyHQ got some shoutouts last night! Created now a tweeter and hashtag: bekindbuddy So people can give feedback and share their screenshots. #buildinpublic
The curse of launching early. Consistent Bug-driven feature push πŸ˜‚
#buildinpublic #mvp
After some early tests, we're launching our Partners-Only No-Code Workshop with the top European Incubators and Founders' focus communities. πŸš€
What are you building this weekend? #buildinpublic
πŸš€ Linkedin is now available on @nocodefamily but here's the catch. You won't find it, unless...

You visit the site from LinkedIn or specific websites as we prefer @twitter login 80% of the time.

#buildinpublic #nocode #bubble
βœ… Twitter accounts without emails can now login to @nocodefamily πŸŽ‰ #buildinpublic