Excited to take part in the @coda_hq Packathon!

Got a couple packs up my sleeve im thinking about including this @Bitly pack . . .
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28 followers in one day!

Thank you @coda_hq for helping me keep better analytics on my twitter growth

Building out a twitter growth and analytics doc! Its coming along nice so far. Hoping to get it all to you in 1 month!
#NoCode #twittergrowth #buildinpublic
I want to build something for the twitter community (on @coda_hq ) of course

Currently building a tool to automatically:
~ Track your growth
~ Identify specific tweets that caused spikes in followers

And more! What would you like to see?
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Adding in differing time-zone support for my @Calendly replacement done entirely in @coda_hq today

It requires a custom pack, but working nicely so far! What do you think?

Trying to make it as smooth as possible for users
#nocode #buildinpublic #actuallysomecode
My @Calendly replacement in @coda_hq is ready to go! I just need a few people who might be willing to test it for me

Im planning on selling it down the road - but if you test you get it for FREE! Sign up below 👇

#buildinpublic #NoCode…
I’ve almost polished up my @Calendly replacement built entirely in @coda_hq

Calendar integrations, timezone support, automatic calendar invites, #automations and more.

Still trying to decide what to do with it. Share it? Sell it? Make a video about it? #buildinpublic #nocode
Automate a 50 series newsletter campaign all in @coda_hq - And do it in only 12 min.

Thats the power of #nocode and thats the power of Coda specifically. The first video of my youtube channel is up!
#buildinpublic #automation…
Validate addresses in a @coda_hq doc and output the full address in proper format

Inputs can be messy and freeform and it still works! Perfect when your users fail to input addresses in uniform ways

See thread for link to pack!
#nocode #buildinpublic #javascript
Sequence() is honestly one of my favorite formulas in all of @coda_hq AND one that really unlocks some app-like possibilities in your doc

Want to see a deep dive on how to use it? #nocode #buildinpublic…
Want to get better at @coda_hq and master formulas?

Im drafting a HUGE document with a deep-dive into every single formula including best practices, guides, and examples and Im giving away the first three formulas for free! 👇
#nocode #buildinpublic…
Large @coda_hq docs slowing you down? Use the Audit Pack to quickly identify exactly how many rows each table has and get back to lightning fast docs

New formulas and sync tables added this week! #nocode #buildinpublic #tipsandtricks (PRO TIPS BELOW)🧵👇…
Getting lots of interest in my super-over-the-top-thorough-educational formula doc for @coda_hq !

Will launch it when ready, but sign up today and get a free sneak peak at three of the formulas! #nocode #buildinpublic #guide…
I completed today what is my most creative, powerful, and app-like document in @coda_hq in all my 6 years of building

The doc runs end-to-end the process of All-American voting for athletes in the @USILA_Lax #nocode #buildinpublic

Learn how I cut a 50hr task to 2hr 🧵👇
Ive been developing so many Packs for @coda_hq that I decided to make a NEW pack to track my packs

19 Packs so far! Lets go!

#nocode #actuallysomecode #buildinpublic
Who said @airtable and @coda_hq couldn't play nice?

Using @LeanZubrezki 's Airtable Lite pack I can create beautiful dashboards to summarize Airtable data that simply can't be done in their interfaces element #NoCode #buildinpublic
One of my favorite uses of the Audit pack for @coda_hq is using it to dynamically create select lists in your tables that are ALWAYS up to date with your documents pages

Then navigate to those pages using a button! #buildinpublic #NoCode
In just one day I made a @Clockify pack for @coda_hq, an interface for users to easily track their time right from Coda

AND a super helpful pop-up Help Button with robust documentation for a team of 20 users. Boom 👊

#nocode #buildinpublic
In another life I was a teacher and built a game on @coda_hq to teach students the concepts of Evolution

Not a spreadsheet, not a database, not a document. A game. Check it out #nocode #buildinpublic…
I don’t often share much of my actual @coda_hq builds here. Going to try to change that this week #nocode #buildinpublic
That feeling when your very first @gumroad sales comes in 🥳 #buildinpublic