The @codaschool_hq team met this week to review final steps b4 beta launch

We initially set a Dec 1st date for beta launch but are going to push back by 2 weeks.

Bummed we didn’t meet out first deadline, but don’t want to sacrifice the quality of the course!
Almost done migrating off @gumroad - building a full blown Gumroad clone on. . .

@coda_hq of course! Its time to ditch those high fees on Gumroad!

Some more premium templates coming your way
#nocode #buildinpublic
Building something fun!

Random color picker to spice up your @coda_hq docs!

Its a small custom pack that Im going to be including in a premium to-do list template I plan to launch in the next two weeks. #buildinpublic #NoCode
Just had our @CodaSchool_hq landing page updated!

Would love some feedback on it - Im so green when it comes to landing pages. Can anyone help? Who's the landing page master?

I feel like @CSMikeCardona would have a good idea
#nocode #buildinpublic
Can somebody tell me if the @circleapp api is available to plans outside of enterprise?

Really looking to use it! But if api access is locked up at Enterprise I’ll need some alternatives!

Anybody have Circle alternatives?
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One of my favorite things about my @YouTube Analytics dashboard in @coda_hq 👇

Automatically having a breakdown for each and every video as to where users are finding my videos - better insight into which traffic sources are successful
#nocode #automation #buildinpublic
@coda_hq has a pack for TikTok, Youtube(soon), and Twitter

Im building out workflows for all three social media accounts to help you grow your own presence and/or track analytics across the platforms

Follow along if your interested as I #buildinpublic and show what Coda can do
Anyone interested in creating PDFs from your @coda_hq data in the click of a button?

Workflow and pack almost ready to release! Say hello in the comments if you'd like early access!
cc: @realDocumint
#nocode #buildinpublic #automation
I mean cmon - Who doesn't want fun GIFs when learning about Substitute() and Replace() in @coda_hq's formula language?

Beta launch of the full course coming in November. Lets go 👊

Waitlist in the thread below: 130+ people and counting. . . #nocode #buildinpublic
Should I Postpone the launch of Coda School to January and not sacrifice an ounce of quality and depth?

Or cover things a little less in depth and pay less attention to design and launch sooner?
@coda_hq #buildinpublic #nocode
We’ve been working for at least 3 months now on the @CodaSchool_hq

And months and months of work have resulted in us covering only 20 out of ~190 formulas

Woah. This is gonna be one in depth @coda_hq course.
#buildinpublic #nocode
Building The Coda School has been the hardest and most stretching project I've ever worked on

Reading books, meeting with experts, developing #marketing strategies, partnering with Emmy-nominated directors. . .

Progress is being made! #buildinpublic
If you didn’t have to sleep - what other side projects, gigs, or pursuits would you take on?

Or what would you build?
#nocode #buildinpublic
Can you solve this @coda_hq puzzle?

Check out the sneak peak into the @CodaSchool_hq and its first lesson all on Min() and Max()

View its thread for the challenge!
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Finishing up the first lesson @coda_hq people!

Just a simple lesson on Min() and Max() but it goes really really deep. They are more powerful than you know!

Heres a sneak peak: (and challenge in thread)
I've got an ambitious goal:

Make $100,000 selling a single @coda_hq doc as a template to a niche market

Already have $5,000 in pre-sales but am figuring out some hacky ways to prevent the purchasers from copying the doc and redistributing

Custom pack? 🤔
#nocode #buildinpublic
Feeling excited about our new temporary landing page for The Coda School

Check it out, and get a *free* project management template built by yours truly ;)
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How does one learn marketing? What’s the best route to marketing a product?

The progress on my Coda course (@CodaSchool_hq) is coming along real nicely - but now Im at the point where I need to think through a marketing strategy

Any pointers?
#nocode #marketing #buildinpublic
The Coda School - My end to end @coda_hq course has a logo!

Its coming along nicely and we are hoping to launch our first course late 2022

(oh and we have a twitter: @CodaSchool_hq )
#nocode #buildinpublic
Finally figured out a secure way to account for different timezones in my complete @Calendly replacement built entirely on @coda_hq

This means that you can very soon get your hands on this template and stop using Calendly. .

Coming soon to a doc near U
#nocode #buildinpublic
We've come up with a name!

The all-things @coda_hq course I am building will the called "The Coda School" - Signaling that it won't just be a single course, but a one stop shop to become an absolute Coda Pro

Signups are coming in! Sign Up in thread 👇🧵
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