Are you guys using a separate platform for blogs and help docs ?

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Trying to increase productivity - there are so many techniques and tricks on the internet

For me personally, the Pomodoro technique seems to work the best + keeping my phone away for that block of time.

What works for you guys?

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Curious if you guys use authentication providers or build your own?

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Should users be able to choose subdomain while making a knowledge base like xyz.notiontofaqs or should I just assign a random subdomain as most will use their own domain anyways.

This will save an additional step in sign up flow? Any cons to this approach? #buildinpublic #saas
Total hours spent = 35
(15h planning & research + 20h on implementation)

Follow along as I share my experience building Notion to FAQs.

Notion to faqs allows you to build knowledge base for your #saas using simple to use yet powerful notion editor.

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✔️ Don’t overcomplicate simple projects with fancy deployment infra etc

✔️ Don’t reinvent the wheel - use existing libraries

✔️ Don’t buy every variation of a domain - .to, .com, .ca, .io

Have you guys set any rules for yourself ? Share ⬇️

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Anyone else been here ? Figured out an issue after intense 2 day googling and going down the forums from 90s 😂

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Going to setup the project for notiontofaqs. Decided to go with #nextjs for frontend and #NodeJS for backend. Mostly because of my past experience.

What is your choice of tech stack for new projects ?

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Multi-tenancy is a bigger hassle than I expected. It will be fun to figure it out 🤔 #indiedev #buildinpublic #saas
So excited to start working on! Just finished creating the landing page. Enter your email to be the first to know when it launches🚨 #buildinpublic #indiehacker #indiedev
Step 1 to building a profitable saas complete: ✅ domain name purchased. Almost bought 2 more that I didn’t need @robertodigital_ 😂

Will share it soon! #buildinpublic
Starting to work on notiontofaqs tomorrow #buildinpublic