I have not worked on AvaBot since last week. Time to integrate GPT-4 !!

Try AvaBot on Telegram:

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I built AvaBot - a GPT based assistant that's available 24x7 on Telegram! Try it out now.

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If you have used ChatGPT or are you using ChatGPT a lot, give AvaBot a try! It's a GPT-based assistant that's always available in Telegram!

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Would it be useful to have a personal twitter? 🤔 More specifically, an app where you can post random, size-restricted posts, which are private by default. Capturing those aha! moments, micro journaling, brainstorming threads, etc. would be some uses for it.
I made a little movie recommendation app using OpenAI. It's a more like a semantic-search rather than the usual full-text/indexed search. So you can describe your mood in length and get some suggestions - Try it out

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My first complete(-ish) SaaS product:

It's a tool that translates english to SQL (or other database queries)

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