To become a solopreneur, one sale is enough. Do marketing for more sales to establish yourself as successful one. #buildinpublic
@dev_bre @dagorenouf #Buildinpublic is the only way to go, if ones do not have prior knowledge of marketing.
@nico_jeannen For me personally, you are second one who got the benefits of #Buildinpublic
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Recently, I read a story where a guy sharing his building journey through this and suddenly, he got more traffic to his website.
@danielcranney It never gets complicated actually we left or gave up because we lost motivation. Ship your product ASAP for beta testing (Early access), initial launch or #buildinpublic.
@marckohlbrugge The most underrated powerful to show the world what you are building. The benefits lie with #buildinpublic for startups are quite spectacular.