Added a Work Experience section to my portfolio today using Framer Motion's parallax effect 😇 #buildinpublic #animation
Giving a little refresh 🤗 Crazy to think it's already 2 years old! #buildinpublic
Set up Google OAuth yesterday and am now going through my very first Google verification process. Pray for me 🙏😂 #buildinpublic
@ people who have built a job board: How did you get the first few listings? Friends? Web scraping?

My job board's niche is the Italian startup community, and i'm wondering if I can pull in listings that already exist on Linkedin etc 👀 #dev #frontend #buildinpublic
My Auth context provider is still way too buggy for my liking, but I did manage to create a profile page before it logged me out again 💫 Users can now log in, post, and delete jobs! #Nextjs #supabase #buildinpublic
The highlight of my day was finally getting Auth UI to display a valid session object 🥹 #buildinpublic
Cleaned up the site on mobile and fixed some styling bugs, but I've been struggling with user auth. A user can log in, but useSession returns null so their login status does not persist across the application, as seen here #buildinpublic
Deployed the site to Vercel 🥳 only took 27 tries and some assistance from ChatGPT 4... Now to debug why the dynamic pages aren't loading! #buildinpublic
Sanitized the HTML from the @quilljs editor and built out the [job] page today 😇 Now just have to give users the ability to edit and delete their listings! #buildinpublic
Implemented @quilljs on the job form! And learned about dangerouslySetInnerHTML...Kinda thought it was a joke at first 😅 #reactjs #buildinpublic
Set up postgres full-text search and dynamic page routing for the job listings 😇 I also spent 1 hr trying to make the URLs SEO-friendly with slugify, but it never worked :( #buildinpublic #Nextjs
Set up user auth today with @supabase 's AuthUI 🥳 Happy women's day! #buildinpublic #WomenInTech
After two weeks of procrastinating building a backend/database bc I thought it'd be super hard, I'm ecstatic to know that it's basically just one function 🤩 thx @supabase + @nextjs ! #buildinpublic
Almost finished with the form! Added a whole bunch of state, and ChatGPT taught me that I can use nested ternary operators for when I need a third, fallback styling option 🖌️ #buildinpublic #reactjs
Created the JobListing component and made the site responsive 😇 I'm currently fetching dummy data from a JSON file, so next step is to build a form and connect it to a backend so users can post new jobs! (i have no clue how to do this lol) #buildinpublic
Worked on the CSS module today for the hero section 💫 looking forward to putting nextjs's Image component to the test ! #buildinpublic
Finally getting used to the concept of props and breaking everything into small, reusable components. I still get confused by "onClick={onClick}" sometimes, but chatgpt explains it super well, so I think it's really starting 😏🙈 #buildinpublic #reactjs
I have no idea why live preview mode doesn't work 🥲 The input's onChange handler is never called, and neither are my console.log messages. Maybe this type of real-time render cannot be done in CodePen? #reactjs #buildinpublic…