I’ll spend my next vacation in the fjords...

@kuhart1337 is one of the few developers in the World about whom I will NOT say that he is a boring stinker!

He is one of the best! This is the kind of consultant your project deserves.

Card game on Product Hunt? Jesus Maria and Joseph! It’s genius!…

I think it ll be legendary! If we develop game about @paralect ! What do you think @thiswillblossom?

You must advise me your favorite song!

I want to make a #buildinpublic playlist for @paralect
Yo mommys! How you doing? Do you like my new @Prada ?

✍️My plan for today:
1.Catch a car to the Dead Sea
2. To mark my documents in the Jordan Police 🇯🇴
3. Take a shower
4. Try to find alcoholic beer

😎Aaand what will you do today?

#buildinpublic RAP!

We are experts community
Our power is unity!
We create and launch!
That was my punch!

I came up with this text when I found out that my favorite RnD dep. started new service while I was on vacation:
Do you know companies or start-ups that are as good at #buildinpublic as @Paralect? It is very interesting for me to observe and learn how others do their company.

I want to approach the study from a scientific point of view and collect a lot of cool examples!
I haven't been on Product Hunt for a long time.

What products did you like? Perhaps something new about AI?

#buildinpublic #ai #producthunt
I want to try to negotiate a lease for a new office for @paralect

I'm sure I can make it.

#buildinpublic #vacinpublic
Help me come up with a title for the photo!!!!

@that_igor_ @ilyevskii they are invited, I am sure they will be ready for tomorrow's lecture

PS. I told the guys today about #buildinpublic

Developers from Startup Summer 2023 are with us!
@ilyevskii welcome to gang!

Do you see this @that_igor_ ?

Sorry Twitter but today I'm trying to figure out with “Threads”

Can anyone at the @paralect office make me coffee? I will come in 20 minutes ☔️

☕️I like espresso

I'll make a public to-do list. Damn, so much to do in the next 3 hours 🤯

1. answer all emails
2. troll @dmschetnikovich on twitter
3. meet with Startup Summer contractors
4. coordinate with @fruneen a mini lecture on the benefits of Twitter for our students.

❤️some more lovely pics.

@ViktoribatM aka Design Princess
Me aka @saint_arsen
@that_robert_ aka White Prince

Guys, tomorrow we’ll have a new merch for Startup Summer!

Guys, tomorrow we’ll have a new merch for Startup Summer!

While I was sleeping Meta launched Threads!

Elon vs Mark!
Who are you betting on?

🔥New Article from R&D forge by @paralect

One of the most influential and powerful R&D minions @kuhart1337 wrote a short but interesting article on how to use Chat GPT to find information in corp. documents.…