AI won't replace you; a human using #AI will.

Read it somewhere on the web. And I agree.
Do you take advantage of AI tools? How?

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You are your own ennemy.

Stop trying to be Batman. Be Alfred.
Don't be the hero. Be the guide.

Features don't matter. How you customers will use them to become the hero they want does.

This is the biggest issue I see on #buildinpublic
Who can help you with the problem you are facing?

Our default path is to ask "what and how?"

what and who > what and how

What do you need help with? Let's find your Who.

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In a business setting, the core of a CRM is the deal flow: capturing the lead, nurturing the lead, converting, and retaining.

My aim with a personal CRM is to nurture meaningful relationships and deepen the bonds with others.

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I have my own little personal #CRM in Notion. The core of the system is interactions, not people.

A CRM is to build relationships. And we connect by interacting and creating shared experiences.

Do you have a personal CRM? Are you interested in one?

Do you have a project you don't have time to maintain?

And that you are open to sell?

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Day 18 of #100DaysOfCode / #buildinpublic

So I am doing this course on Udemy. One of the lessons is to take a test to see if you can skip some lessons.

I take the lesson, and boom, I jump straight to Object Oriented programming.

Here is a simple framework from the book Find Your Red Thread that I am using as I research interest projects to buy as I #buildinpublic:
Each of them is the hero of their own story.

To convince someone to act, insert yourself in that story. Help them picture how doing what you want them to do helps them overcome the obstacle they are facing and achieve their goal.

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Taking the leap to #buildinpublic

It's both scary and exciting. Two projects to tackle:

1. acquisition entrepreneurship: buy and build in public

2. Coding - starting with a #100daysofcoding with Python
Insight from @thedankoe #2hourwriter

1. Pursue your curious streams
2. Jot down what resonates
3. Go deep and identify the first principles
4. Think of ways of applying the first principles
5. Share how