"The people come first, then the product."

It is applicable to both the team and the users. When you achieve this, success will always follow.

What would you consider to be your career milestone?

For me, it was the moment when my eagerness to learn everything pushed me beyond the quality assurance title and enabled me to work on @BeforeSunset in every field.

I worked as a cashier when I was 17. Time management was quite difficult for me during my first year of college. Now I help people better utilize their most precious resource, their time as the CEO and Co-Founder of a time management tool. #buildinpublic
My weekly goals 💥
1. Renew the landing page contents
2. Gain 50 more community members on Productivity Geeks Slack channel
3. Set up marketing analytic tools
4. Get 50 followers on Twitter

What about you? ⚡️