Exciting news!🔥
I'm thrilled to announce that we've been accepted into Phase 2 of the New Frontiers startup funding program!
This support will power our growth and take Copywise to new heights. @Entirl @EI_NewFrontiers #buildinpublic #indiehackers
What’s your take?

Do you think that free services can stand the test of time and continue to innovate? Or do you believe premium is the way to go for long-term reliability and development?
Or truth is in the middle?

Tweet what you think below 👇

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Great news for ChatGPT users and businesses:

“Web browsing and Plugins are now rolling out in beta (May 12)”

Wonder if / when it’s gonna be available through API call? 🤔
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Our landing page is in dire need of a working on it heavily😅
What do you think about the copy?

Also, what are you updating in your projects?

Who's building Saas in Bubble? Does anyone have good examples?🚀

If it's yours, even better! 👇
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Exciting weeks ahead 💪

🤝Introducing our Affiliate Program
💵Implementing Subscriptions
📧Running email marketing on scale

Whats on your plate?
Seeking recommendations for top newsletter ad services or newsletters to advertise in!📩

Focused on marketing, copywriting, growth & business niches.

Share your faves & let's help each other! 👇
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Let's discuss user retention - a topic that's never discussed enough.
Retaining users = sustainable growth. 📈

▪ Are you actively tracking it? If so, with what tool?
▪ What strategies or clever hacks have you got up your sleeve?

Drop your thoughts below!👇
@kai_developer Wow! That sounds awesome! :) Count me in!

And also, congrats on your results fellow #buildinpublic founder!
Hey #SaaSFounders! I'm curious, who's building their product using the dynamic duo of Webflow and Bubble?
And for those not using Bubble, what other tools are you relying on for your product development? 🤔💻 #ProductBuilding #buildinpublic
Launched on exactly 100 days ago 🚀

Let’s see the numbers what happened 👇

⚡️1,062 codes sold
🥹 744 net sold
📉 318 codes refunded
👉 29% refund rate

What’s your experience with AppSumo? Let’s discuss! 👇
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Sharing an update on Copywise for the first time! 📢

🔨Building it since July '22
🚀Launched in December
🙏Grateful for +580 LTD users
✍️Over 20k content generations and counting!

Stay tuned for more updates on our journey!