I'm in Boracay Island, Philippines until the 17th of January and I'm looking to meet other solo entrepreneurs like myself! πŸ€” Anyone here? #buildinpublic
I'm really pleased that I got a $500 increase in my MRR just one day ago, but unfortunately my trial numbers have decreased since I turned off my Ads.

βœ… 3.6K MRR
βœ… 77 Trials
βœ… 480 Subscribers
βœ… $7.4K Revenue (last 28 days)

I'm now at $3.1K MRR 😍, which is awesome considering I only had $2.5K MRR just 3 days ago! I'm super happy and thankful to all who made this possible πŸ™ #buildinpublic
I received my 1st Intellectual Property Infringement notice this year. The complainant claims to own the word "AI Writer". Not a good morning for me but lucky it's very easy to paraphrase the word Writer using AI πŸ˜‚ #buildinpublic
I received my 1st invoice from OpenAI. I expect this to be 2-3X next month. #buildinpublic
I am delighted to announce I have achieved the milestone of having 100 Active Trials! 😊

βœ… 2,747 MRR
βœ… 418 Active Subscriptions
βœ… $6,465 Revenue

This TikTok for @NexBotAI has gone viral already! Almost 30k Views, 1.7K Likes, 1.2K Bookmarks, 760+ Shares. Share to win strategy works and I highly recommend every indie hacker do the same πŸ‘ It cost ZERO to do. #buildinpublic #engineeredmarketing
My 2nd Share-to-Win received entry just crossed 12k views in just a couple of days. 866 likes, 606 bookmarks, 333 shares, and 17 comments. πŸ‘‡…

Indeed this strategy works! I highly recommend fellow indie devs do the same. πŸ‘ #buildinpublic
This is the 3rd TikTok video made for @NexBotAI by a random user waiting to be granted a free Premium ❀️ Share to win strategy definitely works πŸ’― #buildinpublic
My goodness. I just received my 1st multi-seat license customer (Startup). 5 licenses. Unfortunately, I still haven't set up how to handle these. So I'm doing it manually for them 😭 #buildinpublic
Just made it over the $2,500 mark in MRR after just almost 2 months launching @NexBotAI ❀️ Averagely adding $100/day to the MRR 😊 Thanks so much to my users and supporters 🀘 #buildinpublic

βœ… 80 Active Trials
βœ… 399 Active Subscribers
βœ… $6,155 Revenue (last 28 days)
(Not another MRR update) It's been a wild start to the year with a ton of buying happening at all hours! Also, I've seen an average of 80-120 online users each hour. #indiehacking has never been boring for me for the last 10 Years 😊 #buildinpublic
I'm really feeling the strain from the immense volume of emails, reviews, partnerships, and marketing. Coding has gotten a bit too difficult to handle along with all of that, so I need to find a way to hand off some of my work soon. #buildinpublic
I'm finally back after a two-week holiday - no more lazing around! 😁 Now it's time to code up a storm and release some updates. Also, I'm really looking forward to getting to work on my next AI project - let's see if I can make a start this coming February! 🀘 #buildinpublic
I am aiming to launch @NexBotAI and @NexSnap this month, although it is challenging given the commitments I have; a family trip, and updates I must complete. Nonetheless, when I have the capacity to launch it, I will ensure to launch them across all platforms. 🀘 #buildinpublic
Unbelievable! Today I achieved over $2,000+ MRR! A big shout out and thank you to all of my customers and supporters. ❀️ #buildinpublic
This kind of review really brightens my day! Many thanks, Chris ☺️ #buildinpublic
Some company is already interested in acquiring my less than 2-month-old app @NexBotAI πŸ€” #buildinpublic