Day 12 of #buildinpublic wasn’t as productive as I wished but did a little work on the product. Our co-founder @CalebPeffer redesigned the UI and now it is time to connect the dots to get ready for Monday’s announcement!
Day 11 of #buildinpublic was good. Learned more about @supabase (which I’m loving btw) and did some @stripe webhooks setup. Exciting updates coming soon!
Gotta love productive days! Day 10 of #buildinpublic started with prompt engineering and went all the way to setting @stripe and @supabase with @nextjs 🚀…
Gotta love productive days! Day 10 of #buildinpublic started with prompt engineering and went all the way up to setting @stripe and @supabase with @nextjs 🚀
Day 9 of #buildinpublic. We scrapped the recording steps as you code flow. Too hard and too many edge cases for an mvp. Instead, will simplify some steps by having it inside a vs code extension with some modifications.
Day 8 of #buildinpublic can be summarized in 3 words: Discovering edge cases. A lot of bugs and multiple edge cases to cover. We will try to keep the MVP very narrow so we don't waste too much time fixing a million holes.
After an exciting 1st week of #buildinpublic, here is a POC that we came up after talking to customers 🚀

We created a tool that automatically records your code changes/commands and uses AI to generate coding tutorials automatically 🧵
Productive day today. Did some prompt engineering, worked on a file diff algorithm and designed some mockups. Today was day 6 of #buildinpublic and I am excited to share more about it once we’re ready! :)
Day 5 of #buildinpublic. Worked a lot on setting up a playground with node, and a custom CLI where we can quickly iterate on some ideas. Discovered some interesting things the node fs lib can do. More details coming soon!
Day 4 of #buildinpublic. We are getting closer to begin building but it is not there yet. Still iterating on the problems from our CD meetings and trying to architect solutions around it. Once we go all in on coding, we will improve the frequency of updates.
Day 3 of #buildinpublic was a bit slow due to Thanksgiving and the Brazilian game 🇧🇷 Very thankful for all the amazing opportunities this year! Today I worked on some mockups and did some analysis in the problems around technical writing/gen ai. More details coming soon!
Today is day 2 of #buildinpublic. A lot research, brainstorming and CD done. Feeling good about the space we are in.
Today is Day 1 of #buildinpublic. We at @sideguide_dev decided that for our next product we want to share our progress with the community. We are doing this for Feedback, Accountability, Fun and Inspiration. Stay tuned for updates + more! 🚀