Just had my first customer interview, thanks to the help of @DeployEmpathy. The interviewee described my prototype as the solution to his problem...and no, he knows nothing about my product. 🚀

let's see how the rest go.

What are your thoughts on linking within Feature Flux?

The ability to link to 1 screen is limiting (PowerPoint etc) but hotspotting is complicated. If you wanted to show how each main button worked, how would you go about this?

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Here's a little update on Feature Flux...This is what the Figma integration will look like.

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What’s the deal with feeling guilty for not working on the weekend? Not a fan of that. #buildinpublic
I just redid the copy on Feature Flux. I *think* the problem is clearer... I think

Gonna try and start getting on demo calls with potential customers over the coming week or so. Yes, it's cold email/DM time folks!

Any suggestions?

I often fall into the trap of 'passive' doing, which equates to doing nothing. There’s so much more to learn by doing and experimenting. #buildinpublic #ux
Just relaunched the website to better reflect the problem (I hope). I don’t remember struggling this much with @nusiiapp back in the day 😳 #buildinpublic
The core of #buildinpublic

If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas. - George Bernard Shaw
Hey to everyone who's on the #buildinpublic train.

What's your biggest win this week? 🎉
@natension Hey all!

I'm Nathan and I'm a UX designer. I'm currently writing, "What The *#UX, debunking UX for Indie Builders". (This will also be a video course).

I'm also building A collaboration tool for product teams. All of this is being done as #buildinpublic
How does the following grab you as a book title and subtitle?

Develop your UX. A practical guide to UX for indie builders.

I'm back to writing "Develop Your UX. Practical UX advice for indie builders" and I'm going to write it in public. If anyone want's access, just let me know.

Yesterday I came to a realisation. I’m doing nothing to market Feature Flux and the product is in danger.

In fact, I’m dangerously close to building in private and launching to crickets.

If I'm completely honest, progress on Feature Flux is frustrating me.

So, I've fallen off the Twitter and #buildinpublic bandwagon recently. This is probably related to everything slowing down elsewhere in my life. I'll try to do better :)
The desire to be innovative in SaaS design and layout can be very real. But it can also be very risky, especially for indie founders. Innovation done poorly can alienate potential users and take you back to the drawing board.

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Have my first kickoff dev meeting today for Feature Flux. It’s taken a while to get here…

Finally (officially) published my first post on Feature Flux. If you're a product manager and are looking for some new podcasts, check it out:…

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