Got lemonsqueezy all integrated, with support for any type of purchase (LTD, lead magnet or sub)

Now implementing FE guards

What do you think of this abstraction #buildinpublic?
Been a slow and steady intro but is now getting consistent traffic from my twitter endeavors.

What do you know, distribution actually works!

Already have about 25 people signed up to the waitlist (which feels like a pretty solid CVR)

Did some not so fun work so ya'll don't have to! now has

✅ User profile collection in firestore
✅ Recover / change password
✅ Optional email verification

Hey #buildinpublic

I’ve been MIA this week touring wedding venues in the Rockies

Getting back to work next week, time to put a launch date on indiestack

Lets go!!
So is it time to build the thing that helps people cross post to threads and Twitter?
Hey #buildinpublic

How should I monetize

Free code base then upsell packs like LPs or new UI themes etc
Is there some way to make this a sub??
@avizn_ Agreed! Way easier to find content when you’re actually doing something.

Goes hand in hand. #buildinpublic motivates you to build so you have content, and in turn the engagement motivates you to build more

If you ain’t doing that you’re just growing a Twitter
Officially retired my project hyperprompt today

It was my first solo project to get sign ups, but it didn't make it much further

Here’s the post-mortem

#hyperprompt did really well on reddit before mods removed the post, got a lot of good feeback and initial user base!

"I got tired of using playground and text files to organize my prompt ideas so I made this prompt notebook" #gpt3 #GPT4
Anyone in #buildinpublic running GPT chat bots in production?

What tools do you use to analyze performance, conversations, and inform iteration?

Starting to feel iffy doing it in mixpanel
Finally got some #buildinpublic time today!

Added the pricing page template, all hooked up to @lmsqueezy

Just drop product links in the config and you've got payments in < 1 min ⚡️⚡️

Time to go implement the callbacks to firebase to complete payments
I wrote a script to build GPT chatbots on top of existing APIs

Only about 100 lines of python using @OpenAI new functions. Wild!

Felt it was worth sharing - have a ball!

Github gist ⚡️…

#buildinpublic #indiehackers
Hey #buildinpublic!

Getting closer to launching on PH

What's one key piece of advice, contrarian opinion, or past experience you would share?

It's my first stab at PH, so any advice is super appreciated
Hey #buildinpublic

What if there was an email service that just had a design system so we didn’t have to deal with templates

You could just set fonts/colors/tokens

Then send markdown content with some {handlebars}

Never worry about email again

It would be splendid
Hey #buildinpublic

What is there was an email service that just had a design system so we didn’t have to deal with templates.

You just send markdown content with some {handlebars} and never think about it again.

It would be splendid.

Just finished this dashboard layout for

It's flexible and minimal -- In v1 you don't always have a million features to flaunt!

Mobile & dark mode responsive + @chakra_ui

#buildinpublic - is it worth having some other layout options for logged in?
Jammin to some friday morning funk and cranking out a dashboard nav

Plan is to provide a few common app layouts in the project so you can plug and play whatever makes the most sense for you

Any requests #buildinpublic ?
Do you have a boilerplate project?

How long does it take you to ship MVPs with it?

What’s your stack?

Any suggestions on how to validate people will pay early?

How do pre-sales landing pages perform, never tried, any best practices?

Do you promote pre sale pages or just call it validated if any orders come through from Twitter?

Helpful tools for this phase?

Headed back from a weekend in SF noodling on AI in the forest

Gunna build a community to introduce businesses to AI, tools to businesses, and humans to new careers.

To get involved (experts, freelancers, Ai tools, or newcomers), shoot me a DM. More to come!

After today, I'm feeling inspired by this zombie package to build a design system for emails. is cool, but it's in typescript, super heavyweight, and has no design system built into it

Who wants easy beautiful emails from your git repo? #buildinpublic