Would love for you guys to support my free icon set here and eventually even leave a review if you're using them:…

Also, please share any work you're doing that uses Intudicons!

πŸš€ Hey guys! I've launched my free icon set on @ProductHunt and I would appreciate it a lot if you guys could help me out with some upvotes! Thanks a lot!…

πŸ”₯ 277 Intudicons so far!

Available for FREE, in 3 stroke wights via @figma:…

πŸš€ Launching on @ProductHunt next week

βš™οΈ @reactjs component via NPM soon

πŸŽ‰ Excited to be working on the design of a new special project by @jakedev98 and @EleliaRose

Had a little bit of time and came up with a new concept for

Working on some other project at the moment, but hope to find time to build this soon!

πŸ‘‹ I'm often doing quick redesigns of products that I find interesting.

πŸ“· Today's pick is @SachinNeravath

I'm trying to create a webhook in Node for @stripe to capture customer details like email and a custom field, but not sure what event to listen for.

Tried customer.subscription.created, as well as customer.created but no luck. Any ideas, guys?

Potential branding for an upcoming marketing tool.

Tried to use a star, extrude it in 3D and make it look a bit like an arrow cursor 😊

πŸ‘‹ I'm often doing quick redesigns of products that I find interesting.

πŸŽ‰ Today's pick is @noahwbragg Potion!

πŸš€ Lately we've been helping @jakedev98 with a brand new identity, landing page and UI for

#buildinpublic #webdesign #frontend #branding
πŸ‘‹ Hey, non-designer indie hacker!

πŸ‘Š Yeah, you!

πŸ€” What are the main design challenges you face when you launch your product?

I see people in #buildinpublic asking about React.

The way I learned it is by going through this course (built my first app before even reaching 50%).
Paid for a tweet promotion that was estimated to reach 1.5k impressions in 5 days. It only reached 17 in 2 days. What's wrong?

Exploring with the Request view for Intudio's platform.

1. Needs to be modular for different states
2. Needs to be easy to scan/navigate
3. Need to keep discussions emphasized

Carved out some evening time to work on the Intudio platform #buildinpublic