How often you update packages in your projects? #buildinpublic
Working on integrating registration with SMS confirmation to the client site. #buildinpublic
Finally I found the reason. It was env var being empty on the client side. #buildinpublic
Stuck with running a #graphql mutate query with #zod and #react-hook-form on #nextjs. Checking my code against tens of tutorials i found on google but still can't figure out what i am missing. #buildinpublic
@diellezagalica I can not put myself into "post anything real life" mode. I feel like I need to tweet something that will resonate to #buildinpublic
Just found out that adding typescript to an existing nextjs project, changing a file ext to .tsx and running `next run` is enough as it automatically installs the necessary dependencies. #typescript #nextjs13 #buildinpublic
Anyone know alternative to The Great Suspender Chrome Extension? Chrome removed it claiming it contains malware. #buildinpublic
Building SocialAIse! An AI assistant product for social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, and beyond.💪 Wondering if I should set up a landing page & accept pre-orders during development. Thoughts?💭💡 #socialmediagrowth #buildinpublic #prepayment
Just bought a domain for an social grow AI project that i have decided to build. #ai #development #buildinpublic