Day 18 #buildinpublic πŸš€

Completed 100 signups

This is what I did to achieve it πŸ‘‡πŸ»

βœ… Started building relationships and networking
βœ… LinkedIn InMail automation
βœ… 1-2 posts a day on LinkedIn

Access the info product here: 😁
Day 4 #buildinpublic πŸš€

It’s important to track and analyse the traffic!

So this is what I didπŸ‘‡πŸ»

βœ… Added Clarity for tracking
βœ… Integrated GA4
βœ… Pixels connected ( Google, Facebook & Twitter )

Access the info product here: 😁

#nocode #solopreneur
Day 3 - Scaling the support ( #buildinpublic )

Everyone has a contact form, even I have it on 😁

But here's what @OscarsOrbit did to scale it even further πŸ‘‡

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#nocode #solopreneur
Day 2 - The Flashy move ⚑ ( #buildinpublic )

Yesterday I launched my info product ( check out 😁 )

Here's what happened after the launch πŸ‘‡

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#nocode #solopreneur
Day 1 - The Launch, a decision and gratitude
( #buildinpublic )

I am super happy that I have launched my first info product ( visit😁 )

Here's what happened even before the launch πŸ‘‡

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