My team is working for the last 112hrs to build something amazing using Open AI. It is our side project for this month of Ramadan.

It will be completed and launched in the next 48hrs on Product Hunt. Keep watching this space.

The most important thing I have learned from the Product hunt launch is to launch way before you think you're ready.
Don't wait until everything is perfect to put your product out there.

Amazing reach. Amazing queries. Amazing users.

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@alex_skazka Invest in #buildinpublic of a feature and you can get both
I would like to thank each individual, who is rooting for
today's product hunt launch.

We will not disappoint you and all the others who are still reluctant enough to not follow our journey.

Here is the link:…

#buildinpublic #producthunt
Would love your support and feedback. Follow the link to the product hunt.

#buildinpublic #producthunt
It is often our assumptions that hold us back. We need to go out there and reach out to those who can help us succeed.
#buildinpublic #producthunt
MERN development with punjabi songs in the background is a lethal combination.

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Watch this space for a game changer from change makers.

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