Is the #buildinpublic movement still going strong?

Let me hear what you’re building below 👇
6/ @DuqueminThomas and @dillonlpeterson are both active members of the #buildinpublic movement

Give them a follow to stay up to date as they build Notion2Email and a host of other products

And check out to learn more 👇
3/ Fayd is currently building Fireflies - a SaaS which provides customers with a drive-like interface for their #firebase

Check out what he is building at and follow along as he builds the project in public
🚨 Startup Goddess of the Day 🚨

Today’s #startup goddess left finance (Goldman & Blackstone) to build a no-code app to let anyone build custom interactive maps like a pro 🗺

Read on for details on how @ImNanZhou is building in public #buildinpublic

Do yourself a favor and check out @skillShack_dev to share your projects!

#BuildInPublic #100DaysOfCode
🚨 Startup God of the Day 🚨

Today’s startup god is @sushrit_lawliet, founder of

Check out the 22 year old building a platform for developers to share their projects and products 👇
I love the #buildinpublic movement

But even more impressed by those with the courage to fail in public

Let's support startup founders- win or lose
Congrats again to our Startup Goddess of the Day, @AyaanTalksTech !

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🚨 Startup Goddess of the Day 🚨

Today’s #sgotd is @AyaanTalksTech!

Check out the story of how this self-taught coder is taking her AI solutions company global 🌍
Happy #NationalStartupDay to the amazing startup community

Thankful for all the founders shaping the future.
Apparently, today is #NationalStartupDay in 🇮🇳

It also happens to be the one year anniversary of working for my startup

Here are 3 of the most important lessons I’ve learned this past year

6/ Congrats to our #Startup “Hustler” of the Day, @The_Klapz_Guy! Give him a follow to stay up to date as he builds @klapzClub in public #buildinpublic

🗣 Calling All Founders 🗣

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@tweetsy_io will be such a powerful tool for anyone who wants to build a Twitter following

It is clear that @zawwadulsami and @ch_shaif are nailing their execution as well. Check out their progress through day 8 as they #buildinpublic:
@BuildSell30 ☑️Domain bought and Landing page built
✅Stripe Account verified
✅Ideas finalised for MVP
☑️Backend mostly done and deployed
✅Reached out to potential customers
☑️Working on UX now
One of the greatest trends in the startup community is the #buildinpublic movement

To that end, I want to be transparent about my goals as I build this community 👇