Since launch a couple days ago an automated AI blog, got nearly 900 unique visitors 😯
That's waaaay more what I was expecting in this little experiment! Really rewarding!

DecodeAIπŸ€–blog got some improvements too.
New prompting architecture and improved article writing script. Also added a little ASCII art to the backend script.
Next I'm planning to fix the tagging mess.
I was so focused on the invitation flow I forgot to update images on the landing page πŸ₯²
Self-note: write down a pre-flight checklist!
All fixed now at
#buildinpublic #HR #AI
First organic users registering for your new product is the most rewarding thing 😍
#buildinpublic @hirematch_app
A blog about AI, by AI, curated by human
A little experiment with @OpenAI, @nextjs, @LangChainAI, prompting sauce and some python sprinkle. I only provide a @github repo URL and it does the rest πŸͺ„ #buildinpublic
Finishing up communication for beta testers at Internal testing went very well. Now it's time for users! Beta coming up soon 😍
I forgot about #buildinpublic πŸ˜…
Together with @suchy we're building @hirematch_app- tool for automated resume analysis when hiring in IT. Suchy is doing the backend heavy lifting while I work on prompt engineering.
We're actually close to beta testing!