For the "Too Long" extension, I started with a pay-as-you-go model instead of a subscription. It caused much less development headache, and I can always switch to an unlimited subscription later on.

Summarization Chrome Extension #buildinpublic update:

- Rejected by the Chrome store due to a small mistake, waiting for a new review;
- Improved summary translation. Now it is translated 100% of the time;
- Summary is saved in the DB => synced across browsers.
While waiting for the Too Long Chrome extension review, I implemented the selection of the language and format (list/paragraph) for the generated summary.

Too Long Summarization Chrome extension is under review.

It's a good time to work out a marketing plan.

Excited about how the "Too Long" summary extension works. Just click the button and save time. Will release the first version this week.

I want my Too Long extension MVP to have only one function: summarization. It is enough to test the demand.

What I will NOT add until first revenue:
- Selecting the language of the summary
- Selecting the length/style of the summary
- Sharing the summary

Summarization Chrome Extension #buildinpublic update:

- Authorization and payments are done.
- Summarization of articles (less than 3k words) works.

What is left:
- Screenshots/website/description
- Support articles over 3k words (probably will do after launch).
I will continue to share my #buildinpublic journey of creating a profitable side project.
Last week, I did a lot of hiking and had enough time to think. I have two side projects: an AI newsletter and a Chrome Extension.

In my newsletter, I have been writing one post per week for the last 6 months. And I have decided to stop it.

Reasons below👇

#buildinpublic newsletter stats update:

- 295 subscribers (+47)
- 39.4% open rate (+1.2%)
- 22 posts (+1)
Inspired by @AnthonyCastrio, I have decided to sell my consultation services through my newsletter. I have a lot to share about building AI startups and I need money to sustain the newsletter. I will start with $100 per hour.

Handling payments for SaaS is such a nightmare:

- Need to set up the database for subscriptions/plans/credits.
- Receive notifications from Stripe and reflect them in DB/UI.

Potentially a good niche for a startup: one-click integration of @supabase and @stripe

For payments for my Chrome summarization extension, I decided to go with @PaddleHQ instead of Stripe because it can handle international taxes, which is great.

However, my landing page was rejected. I am investigating the issue.

Getting from $0 MRR to $100 MRR seems to take months or even years.

What still motivates/motivated you not to give up and continue when there is no financial result?

I was struggling to find a full guide for integrating @stripe and @supabase for a few hours.

I ended up with a simple ChatGPT prompt: "Supabase Stripe integration tutorial." This is where ChatGPT is really powerful.

The last 30 days of Twitter growth have been amazing. One post per day led to 47 new subscribers.

Sunday #buildinpublic newsletter stats update:

- 248 subscribers (+16)
- 38.2% open rate (-4.1%)
- 21 posts (+1)
My Summarization Chrome extension progress so far:

1. Authorization with Google works.
2. Basic popup UI implemented.
3. API calls to the server work.

Next: Integrate Stripe and become rich 🤑, or at least fail with this project and move on to the next one.

I overcame my struggles with the Summarization Chrome extension:

1. Instead of pure JS, I started using React. Now it is 10x easier.
2. Switched from Firebase to @supabase. Life is so much easier with the tens of templates they have.

Building is hard. It takes a long time to see the first results.

What I love to do is approach it as "Let's build something exciting that will be useful for people" instead of waiting for results.

This mindset helps me stay consistent and motivated.