You need to show the future the dream outcome they want to achieve and also something like without paid ads , cold calls etc the techniques they don't want to do.
For content creators
You need to show the dream outcome of your target audience that they can achieve in particular time.
Ex: I help mindset coaches to get 20 clients in 60 days without paid ads.
When you are selling keep this in mind
This works wonders for your business
What you like more
I will get you more weightloss clients
I will get you 40 weightloss clients in 90 days or you don't pay and also help you build a strong personal brand that you can monetize.
If you're a Service based business you need to read this
If you're reaching out to someone personally don't call them sir , mr. , etc I don't like it when someone call me sir.
You can call them by their first name it will be great.
It builds a personal connection
Many things can go wrong when you don't know where to go what to do but if you keep going you still get something either learning or success.
So keep going
I also get something that's headache
I know people only like to read success but I can't tell you about success bcz I don't experience it.
The worst thing happening to me that I want to talk to someone about my problems I am facing and I can't find anyone for advice,
Can anyone help me?
I want to talk to someone for sales advice and short form content.
I am pretty tired bcz I am not getting anywhere and everyone earning money around me it feels like you are left behind
It's so painful
But at the same time I am happy for all the people who are earning money .
Listen to the few and write for the masses it will help you to grow your mind
If you are a copywriter you need to read this:

When you are writing an email write the email thinking about your clients target audience bcz they are going to read it

And write it in a way that makes them buy your clients service.
Provide value first

Then you get value

If you can help someone

Give it your 100%
But I am sure one day the my all hardwork pays off
If you give me any tips that would be appreciated 👍
For agency owners
From January to May I have send 5000 cold dms
I have close around 5 meetings that's very bad bcz people who are sending 50 or 100 get more meetings than me
So I want to know what they are doing different
Maybe there are three reasons
hey SaaS owners , I know twitter is a goldmine for you to market your product
but I have something that you can create once and get attraction from every platform that is
video content
don't forget twitter now also allow long and short videos both
I feel like unsuccessful every one around me getting clients and getting followers and I am not reaching anywhere
Now any motivation can't help me
When you feel like that you are not doing good that's an amazing situation it means there is space for improvement and when you feel like you know everything then you stop learning and stuck at one place .
What's the difference between I will be successful and I am successful.
Does anyone can teach me about #manifestation and how I can practice it in my own life ?
I want to learn law of attraction 🧲