Spent a good part of the day creating a quick 3-minute video tour of @koalatiweb and adding it to the homepage.

Interested to see if that'll help people understand & convert.

What do you think?
Do you watch short video demos like this?

Last week I shipped the QA checklist for #Webflow.

This week I shipped the checklist for #WordPress.

What do you want to see next?

Wanna start shipping high-quality WordPress sites?

Our new pre-launch checklist for WordPress helps you ensure you've got all your bases covered!

#wordpress #wordpressdeveloper…
Today was a good @koalatiweb day:

- Built & shipped a filtering system for the checklist
- Wrote & scheduled the first newsletter! 🎉
- Wrote & published a quick blog post.
- Scheduled social posts about the new feature.

Feeling good!

The full video has been released, along with the case study / article.

Check it out on Koalati's website!

While Youtube is struggling to handle my 2h-video upload, here are 6 short clips I extracted from the website audit for folks who prefer short-form content!

If you design or develop websites, let me know if these were helpful!

@BeauWorkflows The full-length QA video is edited, and is being uploaded right now!

I'll get to work on a few shorter clips in the meantime.

Today is the first Koalati day of my new work schedule (4 days of regular agency work, 1 day dedicated to @koalatiweb).

I'm excited to see what I can accomplish with an additional 7-8h of daytime work every week!

I won’t be posting for 100days, but here’s my latest marketing effort:

I posted the free demo of the website testing checklist on /r/SideProject yesterday.

1.7k views on the post so far, ~30 unique visitors tried the checklist, 4 new trials, 2 feedback messages.

Hello, my geek friends!
Have you recently created a new app or SaaS or whatever you are very proud of?
Me too! ☺️
And now, are you struggling to show it to the world, find users, and sell your product?
Me too... 😳
That's why I want to run a 100-day marketing marathon.

Just released a demo for the website testing checklist on @koalatiweb 🙌

If you build websites and haven't tried the checklist before, there's no reason not to check it out now: it's just one click away!

#buildinpublic #marketingweek
Just released the website testing checklist demo for @koalatiweb.

If you build websites and haven't tried the checklist before, there's no reason not to check it out now: it's just one click away!

#buildinpublic #marketingweek
Building a public demo of the QA checklist for @koalatiweb.

No sign up required. Progress is saved in local storage so you can come back to it later.

Wanna keep track of your projects? Collaborate with your team and add comments? Create a free account!

#buildinpublic #WIP
Just got my first subscription from someone I don’t know on @koalatiweb 🤩

$9 may not seem like a big deal, but to me this is proof that the platform I built is worth paying for!

Today is a good day!

(now let’s hope there’s no refund or churn 😂)

Question for folks who are building a #startup: how many social media groups/communities do you monitor?

This includes:
- Facebook groups
- Twitter communities and lists
- Subreddits
- LinkedIn groups
- etc.

#buildinpublic #entrepreneurs
This feature has been in the works for a while. Really happy with the way it turned out!

Up next: focusing on content, sales & marketing 🤓

Good news folks: comments have arrived in Koalati's checklist!

It's now easier than ever to keep track of progress on a task and to collaborate with colleagues 🎉

Thanks to user Raphaël for the suggestion!
Question for #BuildInPublic folks and startup founders who are slowing down their social media and marketing to let news and discussions about Ukraine get the attention they deserve:

What else are you doing instead?

Building features?
Planning marketing efforts for later?
Now you know what happens when you skip a week of content & marketing 😅

I'm back on track though:

- working on a new blog article;
- preparing for a promotion in a popular newsletter;
- building a user-requested feature on the side.

Weekly #OpenStartup update:

- 34 active users.
- 1 paid user.
- $75 MRR.

Marketing website (past 7 days) :
- 47 unique visitors;
- 92 pageviews;
- 1m visit duration.

Check out our Open Startup page to view more analytics (powered by @PlausibleHQ):
#BuildInPublic also means sharing your mistakes… 😅
This week's WIP feature: a comment system for the website testing checklist!

Making the platform more collaborative is gonna be a big plus for teams of all sizes 🐨

Coming soon to a Koalati near you: comments! 💬

Our website testing checklist is about to get much more collaborative 🤝
Quick tip for founders:

Make it easy for your users to send you feedback 🗣

User feedback is essential to growth, so don't make your users have to find your email address or your social handles just to report an issue.

Less friction = more feedback

We just squashed three bugs thanks to feedback from you, our users! 🎉🐨

If you have any issues to report, or if you would like to suggest improvements, let us know using the Submit feedback button in the quick actions menu!
Homepage Hero Showdown - 1st edition! 🐨

Which of these 4 heading options seem better / more clear to you?

(also open to suggestions!)