Back to marketing next week.. just one more feature and I’m ready 👀

Confirmed, it works pretty well for simple web stuff.……

Next step: Integration in FullStacked Workspace 🚀

Is a websocket tunnel to share your localhost to the public internet a farfetched idea? I feel like it’s a very stable way to traverse any NAT
WRONG! It's not a recording of some weird operating system.

It's a Web App! It remotes all its processes to a server and renders the UI in ANY browser on ANY device! iPad, iPhone, Android, Chromebook, name it! It works

Here are some cool commands for super users.
Ouff I’ve been working head down on setting up a build process for Code OSS (vscode) server and reorganizing repos, npm pkgs and docker imgs for FullStacked the Workspace as the main focus 🥵

Can’t wait to jump back on beta users onboarding 🤩

Confirmed! The FullStacked Workspace runs on a 150$ 4GB chromebook 🥹

Last night I learned about the word "webtop". Trust me, FullStacked will be the best webtop for developers.
It’s time for a shift in focus!🚀

I’ve been working on this for 1+ year now and clearly the cloud workspace is a product people see themselves using. I’ll reorganize and continue to onboard beta users. ProductHunt by the end of summer?👀…

Crazy how far 175 lines of plain CSS can get you.
Initial website setup for a friend

CMS @strapijs
Storage @minio
3D @threejs

Took around 2h30min to make. All inside 🚀

I can now say that I am using FullStacked IDE as my main workspace.…

✍️ to 🖥️

Always rewarding to take a step back after deploying to realize the effort put in.

Take a look ➡️
Made with @threejs

I started to make some videos of me talking about why, how or what is. It’s tough and takes a lot much time 😒. I think I’ll just record myself building web apps from ground up and post time lapses instead #buildinpublic
Went to Vancouver🇨🇦last weekend🛫

Took the time to test IDE on us-west-2 and it worked so well

Wherever you are in the world, if you’re interested in trying the sickest cloud web dev environment, login and hit me up in the chat for beta💬 #buildinpublic IDE Beta is officially rolled out!🎉

I'm ready to deploy to any region of the world!🌎

Log in/Sign up with GitHub, then send me a little chat so I know you want to try the free beta. I'll try to respond asap in the chat or by email.

My afternoon on

➡️Prepared a cloud instance on us-west-2 for my Vancouver trip.
➡️Rolled out the beta access logic.
➡️Created a new project for my gf photography website.
➡️Built and pushed my @strapi 4.11.1 docker image.

All from my iPad
Played with @threejs again this week. Revisited my basic 3D modelling skills and WOW I'm thrilled with the new landing for FullStacked IDE 🤩

Take a look at it yourself:

Starting to rollout beta access with FullStacked Cloud next week 🚀
I deployed on a Japan🇯🇵server to benchmark the latency vs Canada🇨🇦East (we're I am). Fun times.

Indeed, there's a massive impact (10x slower). will be a provider to manage the whole region management.

Played around with @threejs today. I am not very good with vectors and 3D stuff, but damn I had a ton of fun!

Check out the small snippet:
(on iOS, tap the screen to init the 3D model)

So much stuff coming in the next couple weeks 🚀
Single volume @strapijs container.…

Will do it for now, but I really want to hop on the fields-type lightweight CMS web app development.