Not sure if I just created a dummier or a simpler iteration of @trpcio.

Or maybe I replicated the exact same logic?

Can anybody review it and let me know if any of this makes sense?…

Working on a VPS instance provider that simplify even more the web app deployment process with It fully automates the setup of an AWS Lightsail instance and the connection requirements. Can’t wait to release and start making a bit of MRR #buildinpublic
This week I tried @prisma... wow, this is quite nice.

Is using it with @PostgreSQL the best combo? or is there a better DB to use it with?

I benchmarked @kdy1dev Speedy Type Checker vs TypeScript Compiler API.

20x speed improvement 🤯

Trying to proof the concept of remotely type checking.

Will try to deploy the snippet shortly #buildinpublic
Started to play around with @typescript. Trying to build a type checking runner that will work both server and client side. This way seamlessly, can work online/offline and can offload this heavy task when running on a tablet or a low end pc
After 3 days of trying to understand module resolvement in TypeScript, finally managed to make @trpcio + @colinhacks zod work in monaco-editor for with the full IntelliSense support! Still a lot of room for improvement, but hey, its a start #buildinpublic
Going back on 🚀 I will make the GUI available with the code editor to really get the sense of IDE. This is going to be sick!

Plus, I'm making sure typing and IntelliSense works well #buildinpublic
Since #buildinpublic is for ups and downs:

On macOS, I benchmarked nodejs server in docker vs native and noticed MAJOR perfs drawbacks 😰.

But, I tested on amzn linux 2 and both seemed to respond at same speed.

Wondering where to steer knowing this.
I've reached 100 followers! 🎉 Thanks to y'all, I will try not to disappoint 🥹

Kidding, but seriously deciding to build in public has been so nice since the beginning and it feels so right. Sharing with others and keeping a trace of every development is awesome

That feeling of relief and accomplishment 😌when the stars finally align is the main the reason I code.

Finally, finished migrating to esm syntax and output. All the tests passes and code coverage functionalities are ready. Time fo rc 🚀 !

Migrating from commonjs to esm output format. Still wondering what's the upside 😅 I just felt outdated using cjs, but I'm not sure why
This was such a nice DevOps/networking puzzle 🧩
8 months passed and I believe that next release will achieve the same setup, all with built-in functionalities, no sh files, no ssl certs nor nginx conf headache #buildinpublic…
High speed overview video of my finally working deploy command GUI🚀

Spent the last 10 days working relentlessly on this. Now it's time for a massive cleanup🧹before merging it into the next release.

It's just a teaser, I'll make a narrated real speed video soon #buildinpublic
The GUI is slowly getting legit. I'm just dreaming of that first deployment I'll record with it 🥹.
I added few screenshots on the issue to document the progress a bit.
6 months already since I did my first deployment of 🤯 I originally built this small io game to testout FullStacked functionalities. I can’t wait to reach the point where I’ll put more time into building web apps than building the tool 🚀 #buildinpublic
Making deploy command into a GUI. This is going to be neat! Working hard on getting it to work and then I shall finally take time to showcase everything I've been working on lately 😅.
Again shout out to @codecalm
4/4 - So stoked about where this is going! I'll integrate all the backup/restore functionalities, version tracking, and so much more possibilities. Portability and simplicity to web development will reach higher grounds once again. #buildinpublic
I started to implement @pedromdias dockerode into Very nice utility, it will definitely improve the whole stability. OSS is awesome!

Am I reaching 100 followers before 2023!?