People will pay for convenience, even if there's a free alternative available, always.

Almost all movies are free online if you look for it. But people still pay for Netflix and other streaming services because it's convenient.

"yOu CaN dO dRaFtHoRsE iN ChAtGpT"


you can

it doest matter if there's a free github repo that "can easily be set up locally" that solves the problem

people pay for done-for-you solutions

that's what im selling

instead of prompt chaining every article

they pay me
GM to all the bookmarked tweets I will never go back to.


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"Meme sells" is the new "sex sells".

You better believe it.

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Started to use @TweetDeck to schedule tweets for @gptinvestor

The goal is to be consistent and I also want to figure out the best time and frequency of tweets for maximum reach.

What's your setup like?

Launching on HN should be in the standard Startup Launch Playbook along with launching on PH, Indie Hacker, etc.

A great place for early adopters, developers, and tech enthusiasts.

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10/n: On the GPT Investor website, I am consistently publishing comprehensive analyses that delve into the specific technology, detailed methodology, and quantifiable results emerging from our GPT Investor experiments.

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Write until you find your voice.

Then write some more.

Latest GPT Investor stock recommendations using BabyDeerAGI and GPT-4: Tweetstorm in progress!


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We used GPT-4 and BabyDeerAGI (a mod of @babyAGI_) to generate stock recommendations for a six month timeline.

The GPT Investor recommended $MSFT , $NVDA and $AAPL.

A deep dive into the technology, methodology, and results. 1/n πŸ‘‡

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Hashtags aren't dead.

1 tweet with the right hashtag can introduce your product to dozens of ideal potential customers.

Write about what you're working on.

Post on Twitter and get feedback on your writing by looking at the engagement rate. Use hashtags to reach the right people.

Rinse and repeat until you become a master.

Tweet about the one thing you know more than 99% of the population.

Dig deep to find that thing. Trust me, it exists.

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Why did I start going all-in on Twitter after a decade of being a lurker?

Reason #2

I want to become a better writer and there's no better way to get instant feedback on what you are writing than posting on Twitter.

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You could build the best product in the world and it could still fail due to lack of distribution.

You don't have to be a marketer, just be yourself and start writing why you do what you do.

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People want to be entertained, people love to be entertained.

The world can be a harsh place, so people kind of NEED to be entertained.

And if you entertain people, they will give your product a try.

Hey @SLewkowict, we gotta talk about this ad… 🀣
Creating high-quality content consistently requires a lot of work.

Very few are motivated and disciplined enough to do it.

This is why very few have an audience/following/distribution.

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Zuck is showing the world the true power of having a distribution channel.

Having distribution doesn't guarantee success but not having it guarantees failure.

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I am trying to ship something everyday.

I shipped 'Signals' for our premium users yesterday.

It's a live feed of all GPT Investor stock recommendations I generated so far.

Everything you need to know:πŸ‘‡…

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There's no savior coming for you and your startup.

No Sales Jedi is on its way to help you reach your potential customers.

No Chief Marketing Officer can turn things around for you.

You have to do it yourself. Better get to it then.

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Finally got access to the API of the smartest foundation model in the world. I am ready to make something people want. Let's gooooooooooo!

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Why I am going all-in on Twitter?

I only have ~150 followers but in the last 28 days, I received 53K impressions at a 7% engagement rate.

Put in the work.

Next goal: Hit 100K in 28 days.