Just started on Twitter and I feel like I’m cheating on Twitter for Threads. It’s funny. All these social media platforms and we still don’t know how to talk to each other. Good morning to all. May we all learn something today.
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It feels good to see that people are sharing their findings about AI and automation. I appreciate everyone that’s trying to teach as they learn. It helps everybody grow. Good morning to all. May we all learn something today.
#buildinpublic #AiAutomationAgency #Automation #AI
It’s crazy how your mind 🧠can make you feel that you are behind in life, but what is being behind? It’s like you are secretly comparing yourself and regretting decisions. The mind is a interesting machine. Anybody else had that feeling before?🤔 #buildinpublic
If I was 18 again and had to choose a school to go to, I would choose Chat GPT university. Heard the professors are so good they are damn near robots. #buildinpublic #AiAutomationAgency #Automation #AI #SMMA
The internet will become known for being a place for bot interactions. As AI get more sophisticated the digital human interaction will go somewhere else like the internet. #buildinpublic #AiAutomationAgency #Automation #AI
Automation got me feeling like an API surgeon. Stitching 🧵 platforms together. Going to put the Dr. in the name soon 😂. #buildinpublic #AutomationAgency #Automation
Trying to train my social media feed to allow me to micro learn when I need my hit of the scroll #buildinpublic #phoneaddiction #vices
Building out the journey of the client. Using #freeform to help visualize my funnel. They say apart of manifestation is visualization. These are some of the questions that’s helping me mold my funnel:
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Shift mentally from consumer to producer #buildinpublic
This clip speaks volumes to what’s going on now #buildinpublic #automation #chatgpt #AutomationAgency

I Sold A Company For $800M At 29... What I’m Doing Now (#470)… via @YouTube
Didn’t document my journey building the subcontracting business but with this new biz I will. Look forward to meeting some new people that inspire me and building valuable relationships. Feel like a fresh start. Learning to embrace every moment is a fresh start. #buildinpublic
Just reorganized my apple notes. Trying to declutter to create a space to build a second brain. What your apple notes folder structure look like? #buildinpublic
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Any prompt engineers out there can help me out with this. I have used prompt perfect already to do some rephrases. Face hurt from keyboard. #buildinpublic
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Do anybody know how the pdf format got so popular? I wonder how the file structure will look in the future? Will it change?
Im learning you have to constantly audit your time. Evening the time needed to just be in the present moment. It’s helping on the journey of self awareness. Taking abstract concepts and putting them into the form of actionable task.
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When you trying to figure something out. Google is being difficult then you remember gpt4. The results just put a little smile on your face. 😏 #ChatGPT #chatgpt4 #buildinpublic
In the process of restarting. The entrepreneurship journey have phases. The highs the lows. But the lows. Smh. When it’s dark it’s life questioning dark. Elon said chewing glass I added while standing on hot coals. Sheesh. I’m telling myself it’s a phase #buildinpublic
The curator economy is a subset of the creator economy. It takes a creative skill to filter content just like producing content. Discoverability is a big issue in the creator economy. Curation is the solution. Follow my journey towards a solution
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