Day by day, end to end features are ready.

Save query in collection ✅
Expose query as API ✅

Publish your JSON document as API easily without coding using

Any idea another feature to add?

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My goal for tonight is simple, make the score increase to above 90

I believe SEO is good long investment for

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It was a mistake to build SaaS in subdomain of my personal site.

After one month it only has 3 keywords

then, i invest to new domain name.

After only FOUR DAYS, has six keywords

Don't repeat my mistake. Buy a domain for your SaaS
I found 3 Twitter Spaces about LinkedIn.

Did i search using Twitter API? No

I just search on

You can find your fav topic too

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It's working.

Don't hope new user to pay.

Make scenario to make them pay

Do you think it is easier to download Twtter Spaces using browser extension?

Or still prefer to open new tab and paste link there?

Implemented already.
Let see how it goes in a week.

New user know it is working by first 5 minutes.

If they neeed full space, just buy cheap package

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Need more conversion from new user to paid user for

I plan to limit new user download only for 5 minutes long.

So, new user need to pay to download full space.

Since it is $2.5 for 5 downloads, i think it is fair

What do you think?
Discovery rate for Twitter Space of is around 5000 unique Twitter Space per day.

Now it has 25K Twitter Space listed.

Search your favorite topic for Twitter Space here:

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Apparently, got new user in and many new users in

Let's try to sent some cold emails.

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Then: got new idea and code it immediately

Now: got new idea, try to question it to see how solid it is. It if solid enough, validate it then build

#100DaysOfCode #code #100Devs #python #javascript #buildinpublic
Got idea to build disposable database service

Then i tried to question it by myself

Turn out, even myself wouldn't pay that much for the service

I decided to turn it down

Startup life

10:46 paid customer contacted me about bug
11:01 bug fixed

Were i in front of computer? No

But customer don't care about that. They need their promised value.

Then it fixed, even i must fix it using console on mobile phone.

What is your story?

#buildinpublic April 2022 stats:
®️ 95 new registered users
⬇️ 170 new Twitter Space downloads
💸 $97.5 revenue

Let's work more for May 2022. 🚀🚀
If you want to listen Twitter Space about NFT, here is the catalogue…

Any new Twitter Space publicly shared, will update the list

#buildinpublic #NFTs
If you want to listen Twitter Space about NFT, here is the catalogue…

Any new Twitter Space publicly shared, will update the list

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Building startup similar with publishing book

Better to have masive audience first

Published two books in 2012 and 2013, got some royalty, but not much

The problem? Lack of existing audience and marketing

I won't repeat that during building startup

Since this feature launched yesterday, it has discovered 5000+ unique Twitter Spaces.

Here are charts for:
- Biggest Space by Participant Count
- Daily Discovered Space
@aryya_id To build this actually i use two AWS services:
AWS EC2 and AWS OpenSearch

So, no direct call to Twitter API for each Space search.

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Someone asked me simple question:

"How can i search Twitter Space for specific keyword?"

Back then, i didn't have answer

But now, i have. It is part of

Simply put the keyword and search.

#buildinpublic #100DaysOfCode

Is it answer yours too?