In line with my recent rediscovery of an old site of mine, not only did I do the 12 in 12 some years before Peter Levels, I was doing #buildinpublic when most of you lot were still in nappies…

Bloody hell, I'm enjoying this blast from the past.
I've just made my next product live. Very low-key, as I've done zero #buildinpublic (bad Andy!). I've reasons for that, which I'll write about shortly.

What is the (free for now) service?

Find out here:…
Not a 24-hour build, but still a quick #buildinpublic of a mobile app:

Fuck it. I'm going to build a full-fledge mobile app in the next 3 days.

Will live tweet here 👇

Recently came across a series of #buildinpublic posts about creating an IOS app.…
Marketing week for @getsponsorshq didn't go too well last week. Got about 1/2 the planned things done, and very little interest other than a bit of cheerleading, which is nice but less than I hoped, given that I'd seen a few people ask for a similar solution.

@daniel_nguyenx @IndieHackers 2 definitely, Daniel. That's why I've whittled my list down to only 24 (only!) that I reckon I can build in 2 weeks, and have started building.

I've started documenting things as I #buildinpublic
Had a busy weekend so very little time to work (it's been sunny here in Scotland - that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it).

Back to @getsponsorshq tomorrow for the first real day of marketing (although I did a tiny bit on Friday last week).

@ThePeterMick So with that, I'm calling it a night (quitting whilst I'm ahead).

Tomorrow: Marketing day:

- Update landing page
- Open up for public beta
- Post to indie hackers
- Add 3 posts/tutorials to the sites
- Share on reddit
- Twiddle thumbs waiting for Paddle

@marckohlbrugge I've got an RSS feed of #buildinpublic at up.

You'll be fairly busy 😁
And 10 days later, 211.

Which isn't a massive increase, but is a fast rate of increase than I'd had for a while before.

What's changed?

I'm doing more #buildinpublic

Thank you each and every one.

I hope you get a little insight and a few laughs on our journey together.
@ThePeterMick PPS. Might as well add a #buildinpublic into the thread as well.

For anyone just finding this tweet, scroll up for the live walkthrough!
Progress on @getsponsorshq

* UI finessing basically complete
* Automated testing framework deployed
* Staging environment deployed for testing

This is day 11 of 14 in the #buildinpublic period, so I'm gearing up for marketing week.
Things are going so well with my 2-week build of newsletter sponsor management app @getsponsorshq that I actually took yesterday to put in a testing framework.

Mainly so I can test the all-important register/login/subscribe/upgrade subscription processes.

Pretty much got the full flow working for Sponsors HQ:

- Newsletter publisher can define their sponsor slots
- Advertisers can see available slots, reserve them, and make payment
- Publisher can make final approval.

Good news. With a fresh pair of eyes this morning. I've got it sorted!

If you're just getting into laravel, check out all of Spatie's packages. They rock!

For that last goal of the day, I needed to install a comments package which meant I needed update Laravel (which will doing in the next 6 months anyway, so why not now, right?)

Dependency. Hell.

More details:…
It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

Yesterday in my #buildinpublic journey, I started out delivering some core functionality for my Sponsors HQ app.

Boom! Bang! Mic drop! I was on a roll.

I'm getting my "delivery mojo" back on.

I've recently been pruning my list of ideas, and am committing to a two-week #buildinpublic, 2-week marketing cycle for a while.

This is just to get some momentum.

I'm on day 3 of the first project already. Details below...
Sam Thompson has done a great walkthrough as he spent a couple of days and built a tool to connect marketers with social media influencers.

Building a SaaS company in 24 hours.

Live on Twitter 👇
Jack Culpan (a fellow Brit - yeah!) has detailed his bank-holiday creation of a Shopify App:

It's a bank holiday here in the UK so today I'm building a new @Shopify App.

Come join me for the ride!

I'll post each update live below.

A thread...

Just discovered Laravel 's $model->firstOrCreate()

That's cut the number of lines in my code by at least 50%