Day 5 #buildinpublic What if all what you created sucks and you feel lost?

Let's talk with friends. #indiedev doesn't mean you have to be alone.

My app is a disaster, the #GPT3 prompts produce unpredictable, too abstract sentences.

I am going to rewrite the card builder engine
Day 4 #buildinpublic I am using paid apis. I want to offer free access for users. How can I avoid hackers that will exploit my service?

By Rate Limiter build on #redis my project is #opensource so you can check my code…

I added also #influxdb monitoring.
Day 3 #buildinpublic #indiedev I added AI based sentences and images to support remembering of vocabulary.

Most challenging part was caching and avoiding of many requests to generate sentences for the same words.

I need first testers. What do you think?
Day 2 #buildinpublic #challenge. I added translations, answers and courses management to app.

Changed 110 files, adding 3348 lines of code and removing 1283 lines. Stopped on most popular english word translation "the", that is wrongly translated to polish as "the" by google.
I started challenge when I will post update about my app every day. #buildinpublic

Day 1. Total fackup almost 9 hours on webstorm caching issues, super low progress, but finally challenged by opening parts of app in distinct IDEs xD…
My app to learn languages will skyrocket soon! I finishing implementation of words selector engine that will adjust words to your lang skills.

Code base is super tiny (only 5k loc). Time invested about 50h. No external investment.

#buildinpublic #startup #excited