yeah but should I announce a big new feature on a friday afternoon??? or wait until Monday morning to push it? #buildinpublic
Once gets traction and grows, I reckon I'll make this twitter a more boring / less personal account just for the service? And move my charming personality to another account to talk about #saas and #buildinpublic stuff? Or what is best?
Honestly it’s not even that stressful to deploy a new version with some bugs in it when you have a DAU of 1 or less 🤪🤪🤪 #buildinpublic
My current startup frustrates me because it relies on APIs that can go down.

My next startup idea is an API.

Will I just become a point of frustration to others???

I'm so close to having this huge new feature finished, one that I've worked on for months and months, that I could launch today. And what happens? First time ever, a crucial API times out. WTF. #buildinpublic
200 hours of development, and this big feature is basically done! It may have been less time if I were not so new to Bubble. I'll push it live tomorrow unless something falls apart!!! #buildinpublic #startups
I need a background workflow that runs hourly to basically ask an API how my daily credits are doing. It doesn't seem like I can just do that, because recurring workflows are caused by something else. How can I make this happen in #bubble ??? #buildinpublic
One thing that's nice about building a tool that's good for cold email marketing, is that whenever I get a cold email, I can pitch that person 🤪 #buildinpublic
I never work on weekends really but I’m so close to launching this big feature and so eager, so I might actually work this weekend!! #buildinpublic
I feel so close to the public launch of my huge feature. 99% there. Need to bug hunt and add in a little more error handling. Goal is to make it public on Monday. #buildinpublic #startup
Cracked open my laptop after putting the kids to bed and figured out the bug that has been plaguing me since 2pm 🤪🤪🤪🫠🫠🫠 #buildinpublic
Any company that provides API services and then changes the names of the API scripts without telling users, effectively breaking established API calls, deserves to get their head bonked. #buildinpublic #apis
Does anyone want to help me test the company search feature for Put in a company name, see employee info, find their private email addresses? I need a few initial user testers to try and break it and give feedback! #buildinpublic
Learning Bubble as I use it to build my startup myself has been one of the, if not the most, interesting and satisfying things I've done in my career. #buildinpublic
it's wild to see a bit of my startup I built in #bubble six months ago and look at a workflow and see a more sophisticated way to build it now, just because I have so much more experience. #buildinpublic
Anyone know of a #bubble plugin that can read a JSON file from a URL and take it all into the database? #buildinpublic
Testing my startup that finds #emailleads by having my business partner at @VacordPrints asking me to look up a company that we want to pitch on custom shirts, and then I find him the right people and he emails them. It's beautiful. #buildinpublic
Can an API workflow running on a list call for its own death??? Trying to figure out how to cancel a list. It's meeting the criteria to call another workflow to cancel a list of scheduled, but it doesn't seem to be ending them. Hmmmm. #bubble #buildinpublic
@bentossell @tomosman I’m seconding that looking for #buildinpublic is where a lot of interesting indie builders are. I’m building a leads tool with Bubble, for example.
Hey #bubble bros, is this going to work awesome or super awesome? 🤪🤪🤪 (Where I get people's last names from, tend to have a bunch of extra crap that I need to remove, like PhD or Jr. or (he/him) etc). This is a mix of regex functions and very specific removals. #buildinpublic