I've built so many workflows for my #bubble app, that my current task is drawing out the flow for everything in Miro so that I can visually see how everything goes, which will help me better understand what I've put together over the last year and diagnose issues
Lots of Black Friday domain deals over at @namecheap for all my #startup #buildinpublic friends who need more domains for their brand new projects 🤪…

.co for $2.98!

That affiliate link should be obvious, but help me buy some snacks for my kids haha
Pro tip for all my founder bros: Go see if any of the services you regularly pay for have a black friday deal, save yourself some money

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Figured out a really stupid fucking bug that has been bugging me (lol) since Thursday morning, now I feel like the king of the world

Using an app you built yourself is like eating bread you baked yourself.
Satisfying if not always delicious.

One tricky thing about working with headphones on at a coffee shop is that I can't tell how loudly I say "what the fuck" when trying to debug my app and getting surprising new issues
If you're looking for a simple blog solution, check out I plan to use it for my SaaS

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I got my startup's first paying client by responding to THEIR cold email that came to me and pitching them. I didn't need their service but talked them into mine. Reverse cold email marketing. Booyah.
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I'm getting my first paid client for my white glove done-for-you lead gen / data enrichment service, in which I use my own tool to help find leads for the client and also find everyone who works at the companies they already work with. Nice. #buildinpublic
Nothing like finding a significant bug right before you have to leave work! #buildinpublic
Does anyone know a plugin or service to recommend for a #bubble SaaS app, to create a brief product tour for new users? #buildinpublic
Being an entrepreneur is neat because you can go from stressed and depressed about your business to excited in a few short hours. Or the opposite. #buildinpublic
My four year old girl: “Dad did you know when I’m a grown up I’m gonna have a startup?”
Me: Oh yeah what’s your startup going to do?
Her: “Make a hundred dollars!”

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I've spent weeks revising how the Employee Search function works at, improving the experience and speeding it up. Here's an example search, which found 64 verified employees at this company. #martech #marketing #emailmarketing #buildinpublic #saas
What my #bubble workflows feel like when I'm trying to figure out what does what and who it does it to when I'm chasing down a bug #buildinpublic
I knew months ago that the way I was doing something small in #Bubble was kind of dumb and would get more and more confusing and eventually I'd have to go back and revise it all. Today is that day.
Once again, this week's goals get moved to next week.

Improving the search flow for proved to be a way bigger job than expected, because I kept finding other ways to improve it and speed it up. It'll be worth the time spent for sure.

Updating so some of the workflows now recognize the silly TLD .beer 😎

I finished today's goal of improving the new filtered search function ✅

Tomorrow will be devoted to going through lists of possible issues and bug hunting. Goal is to polish everything, resolve everything by Friday so I can publish!

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