Let's admit it!

Most people working at jobs have dreamt of having their own startup.

But they never go for it and get stuck in their situation forever.

Don't be like this - go for it! You can do it.

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How to stay motivated and focused:

• Don’t think money will motivate you
• Make your goals your own
• Visualize your success
• Break your goal into smaller parts
• Get energy from other people
• Keep the long term picture in mind

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Startup ideas are a dime a dozen and worth zero.
Execution is everything and worth millions.

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"I'm bored" = "I am unaware of my limitless potential."

Let that sink in.

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There's YouTube.
There's FreeCodeCamp.
There's The Odin Project.
There's Microsoft Learn.

All of these platforms cost nothing. You can learn how to code completely free.

Just get started!

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You are not a machine.

It’s ok to be unproductive sometimes.

But also never give up.

Never forget that.

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4 types of founders

- The solo: not willing to get any help
- The coder: doesn’t want to learn marketing
- The marketer: building mediocre products
- The ultimate: the coder + the marketer

What type are you?

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Spend your time in the company of geniuses, sages, children, and books.

I think that give you good impression from all perspectives.

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Discipline and consistency will take you places which motivation won't be able to.

So stop waiting around to get motivated. Just start.

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Write your dreams with a pen.
Write your plans with a pencil.

You may change your plan - but never your goal and dreams!

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We just released ERA 1.14.1.

We enhanced the experience with new features and fixes.

Check out what we have changed and start taking notes with ERA:…

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There are MANY people better than you at:

- Coding
- Writing
- Exercising
- Designing
- Investing

That doesn't mean you shouldn't do those things!

Do the best you can.

You'll always be miles ahead of those who don't even try.

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If I could only pick 6 books to learn how to build and scale a startup I would recommend...

1. To sell is human
2. From impossible to inevitable
3. Play bigger
4. Blueprint to a billion
5. The lean startup
6. Product led growth

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We should be teaching these things in high school, if not earlier:

· Financial literacy
· Entrepreneurship
· Basic coding
· Home economics
· Rational thinking
· Rhetoric

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What I learned in the past:
Some of the best codings is done in your head.

Before writing a bunch of code to solve a problem.

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If you cannot code, design
if you cannot design, write
if you cannot write, record
if you cannot record, curate
if you cannot curate, read
if you cannot read, watch
if you cannot watch, listen

The point is to start. Start creating.
Creating is power.

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What kind of hobbies do you have outside of coding?

I'm genuinely curious, but I also know a lot of developers don't have many other hobbies. Maybe we can get some ideas going 🙂

I, for myself, try to do more sports and get a better work-life balance.

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"I'm bored"

- Read a book
- Meditate for 30 min
- Learn a new skill
- Start a business
- Pick up a new hobby

You aren't bored.

You are unwilling to leave your bubble of comfort, the most uncomfortable place of them all.

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Sales is like dating:

- Don't rush (Small talk)
- Be genuinely interested (Ask questions)
- Pay attention (Discover pain points)
- Talk about yourself (Present solution)
- Ask him/her on a second date (Close)

If you've been on a date, you can sell.

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Only few sales / signups?

You don't need new features to attract users.

You need to get visible.

Go and do marketing.

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