Wow 🤩
What an incredible journey we had last month!
I am grateful for every conversation I had with each and every one of you 😊

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With @ERA_SH_ we give our users a full privacy-first package. Our app does not track anything. 💪

We now follow the same approach for our landing page, and kicked out Matomo and switched to @PlausibleHQ 🔥

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2400 followers and I'm feeling super grateful! 🤯

Thank you to everyone who has supported me on this journey. Your engagement mean the world to me. 🙏🏻

Let's go together towards the next milestone! 🚀

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🚀 First-Time Founder Advice Day 18:
You don't have to go it alone! Strengthen your journey with:
➡️Business partner
➡️Supportive family members

Together, you'll overcome challenges and thrive!
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I am looking for new connections on twitter. 🤝
Any recommendation for indie hackers and developers with great content?

Tag em please 🔥

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🚀 First-Time Founder Advice Day 17:

Expect to wade through mud before finding water. Embrace the struggles, learn from them, and keep pushing forward. Perseverance leads to success!

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Let's go! Can't wait to ship finally again. 😍

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We are going to ship a demo version of @ERA_SH_ in the coming week, so that everyone can try ERA before buying it.
🚀 First-Time Founder Advice Day 16:

Stay committed to the journey!
Keep walking, learning, and be prepared for the long haul. Persistence and adaptability are keys to success.

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🚀First-Time Founder Advice Day 15:

Take breaks and prioritize self-care.
As a founder, it can be easy to get caught up in the hustle and grind, but burnout is real and can have serious consequences. Make sure to schedule time for rest.

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🚀First-Time Founder Advice Day 14:

Ship as fast as possible! Perfection is an illusion.
Launch your product, gather feedback, and iterate.

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🚀First-Time Founder Advice Day 13:

Identify your primary audience and engage with them. Early insights from your target customers are invaluable for shaping your business and planning its future.

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🚀First-Time Founder Advice Day 12:

Don't be afraid to ask for help or guidance.
As a first-time founder, you may not have all the answers or experience needed to navigate certain challenges. Seek advice from mentors, peers, or industry experts.

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🚀First-Time Founder Advice Day 11:

Avoid overthinking!
Trust your instincts and take action. Sometimes, progress is made by moving forward with confidence rather than analyzing every detail.

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Made updates to our @ERA_SH_ landing page thanks to helpful feedback from @GuillaumeBardet.

Also added a simple, easy and straightforward testimonial section.

🚀First-Time Founder Advice Day 10:

Believe in yourself first! Your self-confidence is the foundation for your business's success.
Trust your abilities and let your inner strength drive your venture forward. 💪
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🚀 First-Time Founder Advice Day 9:

Surround yourself with positivity!

Keep a distance from negative individuals who drain your energy or hinder your progress.

Positivity fuels growth and success. 🌟🚀
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So, was busy with other things, but finally I did some more changes on the user dashboard.

Thanks to @medartus for his small tipp, not it looks way better, cleaner and more consistent.

🚀 First-Time Founder Advice Day 8:

When estimating project timelines, plan your needed time and then double it.

Trust me, it's better to be prepared for unexpected hurdles along the way!

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🚀First-Time Founder Advice Day 7:

Focus on solving a real problem.

Your startup should address a need or pain point that your customers are experiencing.

By solving a real problem, you'll be providing value, which is essential for the success of your business.

Just updated the user dashboard for @ERA_SH_
Small changes, but it looks overall way better.