In case you missed our last blog article:

We got asked on Hacker News how we store drafts in ERA and if we use any proprietary format for that.

Here's the answer:…

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What a beautiful Monday.
Working on with @kshahriyari_.

- Pin Drafts βœ“
- Move Drafts βœ“

Big steps toward the next release.

What are you working on this week? πŸ”₯

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We got asked on HackerNews how we store drafts in ERA and if we use any proprietary format for that.

Read more about it:…

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This week is gonna be busy. It's marketing week for @ERA_SH_.

What are you working on this week?

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@ERA_SH_ is now among the trending startups on @BetaList πŸ”₯
Thank you all for your support!

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What a weekend so far πŸ’¦

Did huge progresses with @kshahriyari_ on the new sprint for ERA.
Can't wait to show you some new insights.

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+ 40 new users just today.

Another super successful day.
Every time I think we hit a new peak, the next day proves me the opposite.

I really love how everything is going.

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Another productive day is ending.

ERA got featured in a blog and we got 30 new users today.

What a success πŸ”₯

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Why ERA is using ElectronJS?

We wrote an article to give you some insights in our decision-making process.…

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What a productive week we had.

- We gained a lot of new users.
- We had some interesting conversations with other founders.
- Lots of progress in the new sprint.

@kshahriyari_ I'm super proud to work with you on It's a blessing.

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Happy Friday to everyone!
What are your plans for the weekend?

We are gonna work on our new sprint. Amazing features coming for ERA. ❀️

What about you?

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Brief update from our yesterdays stats.

After 24 hours from the mention on HN, we had 400 unique visitors on our site, including 38 new users.

That was a successful day, thanks due to a loyal user who shared our tool

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ERA 1.13.0 is finally here.
We implemented many new features and also our native MacOS M1 App is finally here.

Check out what's new:…

Download ERA:

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A user of our tool mentioned us in a hacker news thread. Has led to 20 new users in 2h.

Thank you whoever you are. You are a legend.

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If you are building a SaaS, DTC, or any digital business, let the world know what it is⚑️

Plug it in the comments below, what are you currently working on?πŸ‘‡πŸ»

PS: I'm working on - a markdown note-taking tool for developers.

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It took some time, but here we are.

The testing is nearly complete, and the new update is about to be released. Some new features were added, and the UI and UX were improved.

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The last few weeks we have been working on the redesign of our website

It sparkles in new glamour. I'm pretty happy about the outcome.

We use Bootstrap 5 and Laravel.

Feedback always appreciated πŸ™ŒπŸ»

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Discipline and consistency will take you places which motivation won't be able to. So stop waiting around to get motivated. Just start.

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If the last decade was for E-commerce, the next decade is for Fintech & SaaS.

Some of the best minds I know are working in these two sectors.

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Building a startup is hard.
Don’t do it because you’re running away from something (like school or a corporate job) but because you are pulled towards the mission of serving something else.

This is what sustains motivation.

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