We love demoing our platform! Being a newer brand, people underestimate us only to be extremely impressed (and blown away) by what we offer.

Schedule your personalized demo today and learn what others are more for less!

Ever feel like you have more to get done than time to do it? So do we!!!

Our marketing automation is definitely taking the load off of our marketing efforts so we can focus on results.

Yes, we use our own product and would love if you did too!

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Updating our value proposition. Hack away and let us know what you think:

Tarvent provides an enterprise-level marketing automation platform for growing businesses at a price everyone can afford.

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Launching a SaaS isn't easy, but extremely rewarding when your prospects see the value it brings.

While the Tarvent brand is new, but the solution is automation that works, isn't buggy, and fast as %#$. Free 14-day trial!

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We absolutely 💕our marketing automation. We're using for our own marketing efforts, and you should too! Due to limited resources, every minute and dime counts. Tarvent's automation comes to the rescue!

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Artitelli, our OpenAI-powered subject line/content creator is a hit! Create content in seconds with only few keywords or use the advanced free-form option to generate anything you'd like to add to your campaigns.

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If it were a perfect work, RSS would be released on time. A little delayed to make sure we nail it. Making sure multivariate testing and journey automations works with RSS first. Looks like tomorrow is release day!!!

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Working on getting a rock-solid affiliate program together. We've got great ideas, now to implement! Any suggestion other than 100%, no expiring cookies, and a 100% conversion rate, right? I'd love some ideas!

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What a day! RSS feeds, as with most dev, is taking a little longer but the results are going to be better than expected (scope creep much...ugh!).

Aggressive affiliate program coming up next!

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Talked to new client wanting to send a single campaign for 500+ agents, so recipients get the email from their agent. Piece of cake! Between our personalization and preview engine, client sees exactly what each recipient will receive!

#marketingautomation #buildinpublic have to check us out if you're looking for a solid marketing platform that's fast, works well, and offers great support...and pricing.

RSS feed emails almost done! Ecommerce integration in the works, Zapier...nailed it!

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So exciting (not really) making sure everything is nailed down for a pen test. Security guys will know what that is. Data security is important to us, even if it's a boring topic. It's just another great way to end the week!

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So many templates! Working to get more templates into Tarvent. Getting closer to pushing 65 new campaign templates, with tons more to come. You can create your own templates in Tarvent specific to your brand.

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RSS and RSS multivariate UI designs done/approved! Time to code. We're typically second/better...take existing functionality, add a LOT of flexibility/speed to make the customer happy with more control! We still have firsts though.

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Making @TarventInc awesome! Today is packed full! Finishing blog/podcast screen designs and functionality for automated email alerts to your audience. Competitors have this already with lots of limitations that we're getting rid of.

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RSS integration with tons of layout options, A/B testing and more. When you post a new blog/podcast, Tarvent automatically lets your audience know without you having to lift a finger.

Dad and 3 sons working hard to make Tarvent awesome!

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Have you ever tried to get ready for a SOC II Type II audit? Let's just say it's not the most exciting work but it definitely forces your company to do better!

Dad and 3 sons working hard to make Tarvent awesome!

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We're about to release 65 new campaign templates ranging from basic layout templates to fully designed templates. With Tarvent, you can always build your own too!

Dad and 3 sons working hard to make Tarvent awesome!

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