4 rules that can prevent you from building something great:

- ❌ don't build for YC
- ❌ don't build for the investor
- ❌ don't build for the tech

@aliszu & @MrNick_Buzz have baked to perfection🧑‍🍳🔥

They look even better than I thought🤯



The changes are live!

Get your designs perfected by the team at🍳

#buildinpublic #indiehackers…
Noticing an increased amount of signups to @codesnippets_ai with fake emails!🧐

To combat this, we have finally moved to Google and Email Link login only!

Do you still use a username/password auth?
#buildinpublic #indiehackers
Are you going to #buildinpublic today?

I’m building on feature ideas for
v1.1.4 Extension Update 🤩 @codesnippets_ai

What’s changed?
- We’ve moved to an Azure OpenAI instance!
- AI responses are so much faster 😱
- New chat design

🚨 Please update to v1.1.4 to ensure you are able to continue using the platform 🦾

#indiehackers #buildinpublic
This was sent to me by a user of my startup @codesnippets_ai 😂

Says what we’re all thinking!

#indiehackers #buildinpublic #gpt4 #vscode
A little setup update 🦾

Looks a lot better!

This is where the magic happens 🪄 #indiehackers #buildinpublic
Working outside for once 😱

Creating new videos for @codesnippets_ai with the help of @screenrunapp 🦾

#indiehackers #buildinpublic
⭐️ You can now add notes to your snippets!

#indiehackers #buildinpublic

These notes allow you to make comments on your team’s Code, without altering the snippet content 👇
⭐️Quick update! #indiehackers #buildinpublic

No more typing out the Code Snippet's Language inside

Just select from the list👇
Being a solo founder is getting tiring. 😴

There’s not enough time in the day to get everything done.

😰 Any tips on how to find a co-founder?

#buildinpublic #indiehackerd
⭐Just updated the card image for @codesnippets_ai

Is there anything you would add/change?

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Dreams do come true!

Finally got my first Lamborghini today 🤩

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There’s one person in this world, that I would like to see suck on a shit.

That person is Jake Smith.

#stripe #indiehackers #buildinpublic
There’s one person in this world, that I would like to see suck on a shit.

That person is Jake Smith.

Fu bro

#stripe #indiehackers #buildinpublic
⭐️I need a chatbot on

But I want to support indie makers like myself!

Anyone built a chatbot or knows of a great project by someone in the community?

Link it below 👇

#indiehackers #buildinpublic
🚨 Someone has been stealing my content on Instagram and TikTok.

Using my content to sell hacking services. 😡

Please report their page! 🙏🏻

It’s dax_cracks on both platforms

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Look at how far you’ve come.

No, seriously…

Don’t compare yourself to others.

We’re all on different journeys.

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