Just a small update for today: converted list of annotated documents to a table (was a list before) and added the type of the document to better differentiate between different document types #buildinpublic
Today's #buildinpublic update: added autocomplete to the new annotations feature
Just added the ability to import insights from text documents, and to annotate them in @notazen! Huge feature, can't wait to ship it out for everyone at the end of the week #buildinpublic
me every single time I have a new idea for an app #buildinpublic
#buildinpublic, knowing what you know now, if you were to start working on a new product, what would you do differently this time around?
New @notazen feature: Clicking a hash tag inside an insight will now open a side panel showing the cliff notes of the linked page, allowing for quick and easy comparisons! #buildinpublic
Added some autogrow functionality to @notazen! This is kind of a long overdue and requested feature.. glad to finally ship it out! #buildinpublic
#buildinpublic, are there any really good indie hacking podcasts out there?
Another fun video I made recently on how to use Notazen to build a no-code project management workspace: #nocode #buildinpublic
As an engineer by trade, getting negative feedback from customers can be hard to deal with. How can they say this if my app is perfect 😁. This article is a pretty good rundown on how to respond imo:… #buildinpublic
Hey #buildinpublic, if Twitter weren't around, where would you be posting your daily updates on your journey?
Found a really great article explaining when to use no-code vs code for budding indie hackers:… #nocode #buildinpublic
#buildinpublic, how often are you sending emails out to your mailing list? I'm generally sending out emails like once a week or so. Trying to find that balance between sending too few and sending too many!
I've re-read Tyler Tringas' ebook about bootstrapping a profitable micro SaaS at least 3 times now and every time I'm discovering something new. This is such a great resource.… #buildinpublic
Hey #buildinpublic, how often are you shipping code out to production?

I'm generally shipping code out to production every 24 hours or so (excluding weekends)!
Anyone else find #buildinpublic to be inspiring!? There are times where I have my doubts on my journey.. but seeing that there are others out there going through exactly what I go through is so uplifting. Nice to feel like you're not alone 😊
#buildinpublic, how much time do you find yourself splitting between the following activities: development, outreach, content creation?
IMO, beyond validating your market.. one of the most important things every indie hacker should focus on is the user onboarding process. It's crazy how much more engagement you get when you simplify! #buildinpublic
Recently posted a new vid on YT! I've never been into editing video, but this one was fun to make. How to make your own flexible CRM w/ Notazen:

#NoCode #buildinpublic
When you finally fix that bug that's been puzzling you for WEEKS #buildinpublic